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We are so passionate about technologies. We assist business in all aspect of digital business design, designing websites, consulting on the best strategies, creating branding, logos and doing lots of other staff to help you get on top of the market.

App Designers London Bring Ideaf to Life
What we love about the process of design is making even the most daring concepts a reality. Our experts can plan the evolution of your app to achieve the most effective results. Not only we conduct a thorough research of the market, but also welcome the client to take an active part in every step of the design process. Once we have shared ideas and approved a software requirements specification document, we proceed to design a map and a prototype of the future product.
User Experience and User Interface Design
Our well-versed UI and UX designers know how to appeal to users through friendly interfaces and outstanding experiences. They know how to arrange limits, which colours to choose and what interactions to build in for the user to have the most joyful and pleasant time within your app. Utilising cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends in design, experts craft experiences that allow nobody to stay indifferent.
Programming and Publishing
We fully control the design process, carefully choosing specialists that have the most appropriate expertise to work on your project. We are very excited to watch every project come to life, step by step, blooming in functionality and improving in terms of design until it reaches perfection. We ensure that your app meets the strict standards set by Apple and gets published to App Store at the very first submission.

Mobile Marketing and Support

An efficient mobile marketing strategy is a complex process, which involves in-depth market research, continuous optimisation, online promotion and rigorous analytics. In the modern world, it is not hard to make your brand visible if you have the resources and a marketing dream team like ours. We will investigate the user behaviour, collect all important information about similar products and analyse the user feedback to optimise and improve your application to ensure that it offers a memorable experience to all your customers and brings the best return on investment for your firm.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Native Mobile and Web-Based Apps

At Magora, with headquarters in London and offices in other cities across the world, we design and program native apps, responsive websites and web-based solutions for all leading platforms including iOS and Android. Applying the latest technologies and cross-industry expertise, we design seamless, intuitive and innovative mobile-friendly websites and smartphone applications. If your website is not yet optimised for mobile, it is high time you did it, because it improves your brand’s visibility as well as its ranking position in Google search.

Mobile Optimisation

Do you know that modern people spend more time on the Internet on their smartphone than from their desktop computer? This is why it is so important to make your website easily accessible from various smartphones and tablets with different screen sizes and operating systems. We ensure that your customer will not have any problems accessing your site, which will load fast, adapt its size and content to the size of the particular display and provide an overall pleasant experience on mobile devices.

Excellent Analytics and Communication

Through in-depth analysis and business analytics, we will work hard to connect with your target audience, learn about their wishes and bring them to life in the form of functional and handy mobile solutions. We encourage team collaboration and invite you to take an active part in decision-making, sharing all the information about the progress of the project with you, ensuring that it is full transparency and you are always informed about every step designers take.

What We Believe in

The designers adore the clients who are dedicated to bringing their creative ideas to life and dive head first into new ventures. We love to overcome challenges because that is what proves and improves our excellent reputation and outstanding expertise. The team aims at creating programs to change the world around to the better, that inspire people and bring joy and productivity into their lives. Collaborating with a third-party team of designers implies a great trust, and the designers work hard to meet your expectations and deliver a first-class product that you will truly fall in love with.

The Cornerstones Of Our Culture

The designers find joy in building apps for Android and iOS people regularly use to play games, chat with friends or track their fitness activities. With every new application design project, the designers strive to craft software that will excite people and exceed their already high expectations.

From the very beginning, we are committed to making your application a success and your products a hit with consumers. Data mining and consumer analytics collected by the talented experts allow your app to continuously improve and change according to current market tendencies.

Magora’s well-versed marketers know how to keep your software in line with your business goals and promote it in a way that best appeals to your niche audience. After all, if you want to boost sales, you should make the application easy to find and urge consumers to install it.

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Software Design Process

Over many years in the IT industry, we have designed an efficient process, which enables us to ensure a high quality of our products, deliver software on time and keep within the allocated budget. Thanks to our highly organised process, you will be able to launch your product to the market and connect to consumers as fast as possible. The process typically consists of the following stages.

mobile interfaces designers uk

The first step in bringing your ideas to life is assessing the time, evaluating the budget and defining the requirements of the project. Without any obligations, we will offer you a free consultation to outline the strategy that will bring you to your business objectives. Our app designers will help you define the audience you need to target, specify the project's requirements and find the best way to bring your product to the market. IT specialists will also help you prioritise the feature for implementation and choose the platform that best fits into your concept. This stage can be arranged via Skype or any other video call services, or at our headquarter in London.

This is the stage at which we design the architecture and define the logic behind your app. The team contributes to the project, offering tech-savvy ideas on how to optimise and improve your initial ideas and turn them into a top-notch digital product consumer will love. During this stage of software design, we carry out a thorough research of the market, inspect similar solutions, create a blueprint of the application and make up the strategy behind the app’s content, monetisation and marketing. When everything is in place and all aspects are approved by the client, we proceed to design the software’s interface following the best UI and UX guidelines to make it intuitive and easy-to-use.

After prototyping, we start actual programming, building in functionality and implementing all the features specified in the requirements within the digital solution. From the landing page to user support, our programming magicians code the app, create stunning graphics and design exciting visuals - all to engage your customers and ensure high retention and conversion rates. We allocate experts that are most experienced in the particular industry you operate in to ensure the best results of our work.

When the coding is done, we run rigorous tests, deploying your program on real devices to ensure that everything works as intended and is bug-free. Quality assurance experts carefully check every element of the interface and all content to ensure it meets our high standards and the product is ready to be released to general public. Before we publish your app to the App Store, we will send you the product, which you will be able to try out and approve.



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We are Magora. With offices in London and other cities around the globe, our developers, designers, business analysts and other first-class IT experts build meaningful software for mobile and desktop.

Have an awesome idea for a digital product that you need to validate? App designer London will be glad to discuss it and determine its viability either by phone, by mail or at our London headquarters.

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