Order management system (OMS) creation

What is Order Management System?

Order Management System (or OMS) is a digital solution that streamlines the business workflow via accumulation of orders across different channels, automation of the supplemental operations of the supplier-client communication, and collection of the overall sales data of supply and demand throughout the company.

Increase your sales with OMS and Implementation

Increase sales and get more loyal customers. The system will help you notify the customer about available products and alternatives, offer goods and services, and remind about regular purchases.
Optimise the supply chain. Share the order requests with the suppliers and speed up the logistics.Offer the client advantageous options, without reducing prices.
Arrange the delivery. By using this program, you can tell the customer the terms of delivery, offer different transportation options and keep them aware about all stages of the delivery.

Let us structure and automate your operations via the development of a bespoke order management system.



Problem Identification

When there are hundreds of different parameters, which are needed to be analysed together, a bespoke OMS system can make life easier. Mathematical modelling and trend construction will help your business in providing the clear forecasts for the raw material and the planning of the delivery of goods. In addition, the assessment of your buyer’s behavior lets you identify trends in sales. Without a doubt, implementing the digital order management system for your company has the potential to break the boundaries of your business.

Critical points for sales efficiency:

  • miscommunication
  • labour flow
  • human errors
  • outdated stock information
  • non-structured warehouse planning
  • logistical bottlenecks, etc.

How does OMS work? This system is not just an improved version of the order form. It helps to predict the buyers needs, based on their previous behaviour, and to provide useful hints for additional goods or remind the buyers about regular purchases.

Develop your order management system with Magora
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For example, a customer who uses an app or an online shopping site can activate a OMS notification when a customer places items in an online shopping cart.

This is the beginning of the whole process. It shows the retailers that the customers are interested in the products A, B, C.

When an order is placed, a series of corresponding actions takes place within the system, which activates the selection tickets, the operator, etc. We can program such functionality to set reminders about abandoned carts, and specific settings. With collected data about the client’s preferences, you will be able to email reminders, with special codes, or marketing ideas, which target the client’s interest. Now, think about what it means for the Omni Channel sales experience.

Why is OMS Essential for Omnichannel Sales?

In each channel sales strategy, you must consider all the products available on each channel at all times. Customers can shop online, at stores or from home. As a result, retailers and warehouse managers keep track of all the information, from consumers, and prices associated with the business, to the inventory.

Let us consider a way in which the information of the previous example is reflected in the channel supply chain. The information is collected for marketing purposes. Items are ordered from the provider and shipping begins. Notification of the status of the order is also part of this process. Consider now that selling omni channels is more complicated than traditional sales.

OMS Essential Advantages

  • Ability to manage, assign and execute orders in all assets
  • Control the status, inventory and demand of orders in real time
  • Track the change in the product cycle and demand
  • Use real-time reports on all the factors that influence orders
  • Complete logistic process such as cargo audit, cargo classification, airline selection, billing and payment completion
  • Confirm the internal accounting, such as the ACH transfer, the completed transaction, the use of the coupon code, etc.

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Check weather You Are Ready for an OMS

At a high level, OMS optimizes business and workflow and improves efficiency by improving operations. If there is a delay or error in any part of the process, the business reputation may be compromised. You should endeavour to perform at its best every time!

Perhaps you may think that it can easily be done on a small scale? Yes, it is true. But, keep note, as your business grows, relying on manual labor and technology not designed for order management has its limitations and does not help give you that competitive edge that is so needed in this thriving market.

Here are five common signs that your company needs a bespoke OMS:

Increase of sales channels

Your business started with your own website, and now it has grown with two different websites, and your product is being sold on Amazon, eBay, Newegg and other markets. In addition, you are considering opening a small store. When the number of systems, including orders, is doubled, and there is no central system for managing inventory, orders, and customer service, it is high time to turn to OMS. Depending on the complexity of the operation, volume and order workflow, OMS is only valid on one channel. Normally, when a company wants to add a second or third sales channel, it will begin to consider a bespoke OMS solution.

Too many errors in data entry, shipping, purchasing, billing and accounting

As companies increase in size, revenue or SKU numbers, so do its complexities, which leaves much more room for error. But a solid OMS can safeguard you from any problems that may arise; it can reduce documentation, manual process, and other laborious tasks, by by automatically synchronizing orders and inventories on all channels to a central, given location.

Problems to satisfy the client's request

Punctuality, as I am sure you are well aware, is essential for order processing and good customer service. Does the employee spend more time tracking information about completed orders than managing new ones? If the sales volume has reached the point where there is not enough time to process the order for that day, you should consider OMS. You can automate screening to detect fraud, confirm that all inventory is protected and generate PO for the supplier as a supplement, and so on. Several additional signs that there is a demand, beyond the operational capacity, for OMS, include:

  • Your staff must work overtime.
  • As we review the order manually, we will not start packing orders until later.
  • The customer service team spends more time looking for order information than helping the customer solve the problem

Too many inventory surprises

If you need full control of inventory, a deeper insight into sales history, or to generate forecasts, and automate reordering to suppliers, you should consider an order management system.

Increase in personnel expenses

You cannot compare the cost of the order management system, with the additional time and expenses that staff devotes to manual processes and the losses that may occur.

Route the order automatically to the best source, run each item, prioritize the pending orders, and notify the customer without problems. Choose the correct system to see a significant reduction in compliance errors, improvements in efficiency and ROI growth.

Let’s Drive your Business to Success

Let your company efficiently compete in a digital commerce environment. If you need a comprehensive tool for your staff and clients, which streamline ordering and services, and work around the clock - call Magora team to do a short discussion about custom order management system development.

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