Our client wanted to create an informative and entertaining website for women. Inspired by a demo video of the framework on YouTube, he had an idea of the way things should look like. This site also had to be interactive and allow visitors to communicate and share opinions. But the major pressure point of this project would have to be obtaining the representation our customer had envisioned. 

Magora: Brief

This project became a great challenge primarily for our Front-end team due to very specific demands of the client. Probably, the major difficulty we had to overcome was getting the animation to function smoothly with the customer’s heavy content – big images and complicated fonts. To make things better, we did some touch up work: removing shadows, changing borders, etc. We decided not to use jQuery in certain situations, as to make everything work brilliantly we couldn’t rely on quick mass solutions and had to write the code that would provide the best performance for our particular case. As mobile devices have completely different screen parameters, optimising the representation of the site for them was also a big deal. We went the extra mile to figure out the logic of proper layer placement to achieve a “picture perfect” kind of look.

Magora: Solution

Allwomenstalk is an amazing looking, informative, innovative and interactive product. It’s a great source of all kinds of interesting information for women. The content of this site is unique and is written purposefully for the website. Viewers don’t have to register here, but as usual, doing so will open up some new exciting features. Owners of registered profiles can “like” articles, leave comments or have discussions with other users, share something interesting with friends via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

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