Without a doubt, an effectively working online service is a great contribution to a company being successful. The website of our European client didn't meet his customers' expectations. So he approached us with a task of optimizing existing functionality according to their needs. Our primary goal was to create and implement an intuitive GUI in order to make the portal more user-friendly.

Solution and Result

The previous version of the site included a WordPress CMS. We decided to rebuild the portal using a combination of pure PHP and Yii framework. Collaborating closely with the client, our team created an innovative product customizer implemented in JavaScript to improve usability. With the help of this new tool customers can configure necessary parameters, including size, colour, shape, fabric, valance and type of installation. Any changes made by a customer are displayed immediately, and as such allows them to view their customized awning instantly. When the customer is satisfied with the result, they can place an order and then receive an automatically generated e-mail, containing all the important details and a blueprint of the awning.


Technology used: PHP, Yii Framework, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

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