This project was about developing something more than just a conventional daily planning tool. We needed to build an awesome and easy-to-use social app. Its main purpose is to allow the creation of scheduled events and inviting friends to participate.

Solution and Result

The app is designed to be simple, yet very functional. It helps organize your time, plan events and stay in the loop effortlessly. You can create an account by using your email or login with Facebook or LinkedIn. Laconic user profiles contain only a photo and the most essential information. The app menu includes: an activity feed, a calendar with planned events, a tab with your own events, an editable list of friends, notifications, and settings. To create a new event just add a short description, specify date, time and place, and make it visible for all or only specific contacts. Settings allow managing your privacy level, notifications and data format.


Technology used: PHP, REST API, CoreData, AFNetworking, Google Places, Autocomplete API, iOS SDK, Objective-C.

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