Almost every magazine today has a mobile version. We needed to build a good-looking iOS app from scratch. This app was meant to provide readers with a tool to quickly download and view the latest issues. Our team also worked on a simple web administrator panel, allowing to manage the upload of magazines.
Solution and Result
We ended up with an easy to use, convenient app with minimalistic and modern design and a useful web tool for adding new magazines as well. Anyone can buy a magazine in a few clicks, sitting on their favourite sofa or at a lovely coffee shop. Just sign in with iTunes, pick the version you want and voila: it’s done. Readers can buy one magazine at a time or just get a subscription in order not to miss anything and always stay updated. The app also includes a feature called “My Shelf”, which is, basically, a storage of all issues a user has already purchased. It is very helpful for those, who use the app on multiple devices.
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