In order to be successful today, businesses must put their heart and soul, money and other resources into creating the best experience and providing an excellent customer service. Our client from Latin America runs a company that sells and delivers a wide range of goods. He turned to us with an idea of developing a custom mobile app that helps to create orders quickly and precisely, fulfill them operatively, raise invoices and ensure overall high performance.
Solution and Result
Our team has created an app that simplifies day-to-day duties of the personnel and speeds up order processing. It turns the paperwork into a distant memory! The system works as follows: there is a database containing lists of clients and their addresses stored on the server. The app uses geo-positioning to pin the employee’s location and show him their nearby customers. Then, using his smartphone, a sales rep can fill in and submit an order. Once it's in the system, office personnel processes it, assigns the goods to be delivered and sends a bill to the client. Customers can pay with credit cards or pay cash upon receipt.
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