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Cash Flow


We were approached by a client from Saint – Petersburg, who owns a large brand clothing online-shop, to create some financial planning tools. His company actively cooperates with partners from abroad, therefore two CRM-systems are in use: Salesforce for the foreign market and 1S for the Russian market. We needed to integrate the differentiated data in order to develop a unified service.

Magora: Brief

Our product is based on the .NET 4.0 technology, we also applied jQuery and Silverlight to end up with a more functional and convenient interface. Due to the necessity of the system to work with enormous amounts of financial data coming from different sources, cloud technologies appeared to be the best solution. For these purposes we decided on the cloud service Microsoft Azure which enables unlimited applications scaling.

Magora: Solution

In close collaboration with the customer our specialists produced a complex program solution for financial planning, analysis, budgeting and reporting. Data concerning cash inflow and outflow enters automatically from the Salesforce and 1C CRM-systems. A user can also input changes to the balance manually or via uploading Excel files. The software allows the ability to structure the data, in case you want to evaluate, for example, inventory costing or operational expenses. After all of the information has been processed, the system automatically creates an easy-to-work Cash Flow Statement. The company revenues are sorted according to the major sources, and expenses of the firm are categorised by the main spending channels of a specific period. This report is very helpful for financial planning and determining the company’s short-term liquidity and long-term creditability. 

Magora: Result
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