We combined with our Australian client to create a new, family- targeted video-chat platform. Initially, the importance of its safety for children to use was the main concern. Unlike social media where kids can have unwanted contacts, this app would be child-friendly and adult approved. Besides, the app would contain extensive in multimedia features.


To develop this application our engineers harnessed the advantage of P2P video-streaming technology. It gives the benefits of better image and sound quality, as well as fewer time lags. The app is comprised of a client (iOS) and a server (Linux). The client was developed using Cocoa Touch and OpenTok frameworks. The main challenge was to make the app work and receive calls in background mode. At first Apple Push Notifications were employed to resolve the problem and then the latest versions of OpenTok handled the issue. 


The end product delivered is an iPad video-chat application for families with young children. The platform can be easily configured by parents to restrict their children’s access to unwanted contacts. Chatty Kidz has rich multimedia functions, such as browsing through a picture library and instant picture sharing, taking a photo during a call and mutual interaction with pictures during a video-chat. These interactive features bring kids and close relatives together, making a video-chat fun and educative.

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