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QR Codes have exploded in the past few years and they are a cheap solution and the perfect complement to offline media. They offer a consumer a seamless experience in getting straight to the piece of information they need, without having to type in a URL or using Google. Our clients approached us to create a web portal that empowers businesses to take full advantage of this marketing tool. The clients underscored the importance of QR code customization features, as their enticing design contributed to brand exposure.

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Solution and Result

Having closely considered all the requirements, we started building a web-based tool for instant QR code generation. To provide users with a multitude of QR code design options, we introduced a gallery of templates and made it possible to shop for more patterns, images and styles (via the integration with PayPal API). In the course of the development the website evolved to be a comprehensive system not only for QR codes generation, their customization and management, but also for sharing and tracking. We integrated the website with social networks to facilitate brand promotion. The tracking features that are available for users are outstanding: you can view the statistics of scans by city/country/device/IP filtered by day/week/month/year or any customized period of time.

Magora: Solution and Result
Magora IT company project: Video Integrator
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Video Integrator

Video integrator is a web application designed by the Magora team for a worldwide promo campaign planned by one of the leading TV networks to popularise their new films. It allows any user to insert themselves into the trailer alongside the famous cast members and share it with friends over social networks.

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