Being true adepts of cutting edge technologies, we’re always in on the news and updates of the tech universe. The latest iOS 8 release has opened up an opportunity for using fully integrated custom keyboards. It means that you can pick your favourite one and use it in all the installed applications. Creating our version, we decided to focus on a beautiful graphic design that would become a source of veritable aesthetic pleasure for the end user.

Solution and Result

We're proud to present a great personalisation tool as a summary of our efforts. No more boring monotony! Choose a theme that suits your mood, style or includes your all-time favourite colour. Currently there are 5 themes available: “Winter”, “Spring”, “Summer”, “Fall” and one that imitates a wooden texture. Obviously, it’s just the beginning. The list is going to be updated constantly. You should expect items to arrive soon enough, including holiday themes allowing a Halloween mood or Christmas spirit to take up their residence in your phone.

Technology used: Objective-C, Swift

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