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North Korea Tour Guide

“ I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Magora and am sure we'll be working on this and related projects for a long time into the future. I would thoroughly recommend them for anyone seeking to build complex apps. And it's nice that they are not simply passive providers, and actually offer tips and advice throughout the project. 5 stars for sure.”

Chad O’Carroll

“For Tourists to North Korea, A Travel App.”

Jonathan Cheng for The Wall Street Journal

“First travel app to North Korea offers guide to secretive country.”

Will Coldwell for the

“North Korea app opens country to armchair travellers.”

Kate Whitehead for CNN 

"Don't go to North Korea, but do check out this travel app."

Joseph Volpe for 


A London-based tourist agency was eager to unveil the travel charms of North Korea for international tourists. As this travel destination is a controversial issue, the company was eager to dispel myths about this fascinating and unfathomable country. Magora Systems’ team applied their expertise to bring our clients’ plans to fruition.

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The app features the most comprehensive scope of information about North Korea. It includes entries on over 350 individual places of interest, carefully geo-tagged and photographed to allow users to accurately and confidently plan their trip. The application also reflects North Korean history, has an ethics guide and even a phrasebook to help tourists during their visit. A custom tour-finder and tour-builder will assist visitors in their plans. The North Korea Travel app is compatible with devices supporting Apple’s iOS and the Google Android operating system. It features customized graphics for tablet and cellular devices.

Magora: Solution and Result
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