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Pull Plan

“Outstanding development partner. They took the time to understand the direction of the application and consistently delivered results throughout the development of the tool. We will definitely use their team again” Brad Hardin


Undertaking this project, Magora Systems had the task to translate modern pull planning strategies into an effective web application that companies could use to handle their work. The client wanted the app to be a helpful tool for lean production and project management. Simplicity and intuitive navigation were a top priority, as users of similar applications often get confused by a complicated interface.

Magora: Brief
Solution and Result

We partnered with our client to understand the target audience and craft an application that would address its needs. We paid special attention to a UX design, making the web tool extremely user friendly and limiting the number of buttons to a handful. Our design and development work resulted in a clear, sleek and productive application that enables users to compose, follow and update pull plan schedules, create dependencies, link actions, and host web links. The application encourages a truly collaborative approach to project planning because it is rich in teamwork features.

Magora: Solution and Result
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