Magora Systems’ team were commissioned to develop a web application for custom timeline creation. The client was particularly interested in a tool that would easily convert HTML timelines to PDF files, and that’s where the main challenge was.
We had to find the solution which could not only easily convert HTML with styles, but also SVG graphics into PDF. In the course of research we opted for Phantom JS. This utility fulfilled its function perfectly and enriched the web service with new features.
The product we delivered after 4 months of work is distinguished by its multiple media features. A user can draw custom timelines, attach events, photos, images, and links to documents, books and videos. The hallmark of this project is that several separately created timelines can be combined in one, without losing any content. The system is conveniently integrated with social networks, so every timeline can be easily shared and sent via e-mail.The “Timeline” web application is used for learning purposes at universities.
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