Online education is becoming more and more popular each day. Our customer needed an app providing an easy and interactive form of studying. It was really important to apply multirole access to the functionality and create progress monitoring tools as well.
Solution and Result
Our seasoned professionals used multiple development tools, such as Gson and Guava Java libraries or RoboGuice for exquisite coding. The app itself is a realization of an easy-going approach towards a learning process. You can absorb information on your way to work or while sitting in a park. All you need is an Android tablet with this brand new app installed. The system includes 3 types of users: a Student, a Teacher and a Director. In order to master a program, a Student can listen to audio, watch video or read. After that he/she consolidates the knowledge by doing some useful exercises, passes a test with flying colours and, check, a course is accomplished. Teachers can monitor the progress of their students and view statistics. The director is responsible for the system moderation and has access to all of the data.
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