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Distribution of Works and Quality Control

Increase the quality of property management with specialised information systems that automate the maintenance and repair process and control systems for commercial real estate.
This software allows you to plan the work of engineering services and predict the operative costs of various objects (these can include both equipment and structural elements of the building - floors, walls, ceilings, etc.).

The introduction of a system for managing real estate operation even at the stage of construction of the facility makes it possible to automate the process of interaction with contractors, draw up a work schedule and monitor its compliance.

The next important stage is the commissioning of the building, during which the builders construct both the facility itself and its engineering systems on behalf of the organising organisation. Automation of this process allows you to keep a record of all customer comments and control the timing of their accomplishment. At the same time, a database of the equipment used at the facility is formed within the system, indicating its supplier, the organisation responsible for its installation and adjustment and the dates of commissioning.

At the next stage - during the operation of the building - the system allows you to maintain a list of preventive maintenance and other work carried out at users’ request, draw conclusions about the quality based on their analysis, collect data on the results and maintain inventory records for consumables. The system also creates a liability matrix that allows you, when selecting a piece of equipment, to determine in automatic mode which organisation is responsible for its maintenance.

Integration Options

We can integrate your software with a variety of features and sub-systems. As a result, when an incident is detected, it automatically creates an alarm and redirects it to the appropriate contractor, who must then respond within the time limits prescribed in the contract.

Another option is the integration of an automated reading collection system for the meters installed in the building. This makes it possible to avoid mistakes in charging tenants for the consumption of communal resources.

Information on the operative work performed and actual costs can be transferred to the financial accounting system to form an itemised summary of work performed and a payment invoice for the contractor’s services. Also, data on actual costs can be used in the management accounting system for carrying out plan-to-fact analysis on the basis of cost items, forecasting costs and settlement of operations.
At the client’s request, tenants may be granted remote access to the system, which allows you to create online orders for this or that work. Also, the system can automatically check whether an order is completed within the deadlines set out in the contract and notify all interested parties. Especially advanced customers can control the appearance of a contractor's employee at the scene of the incident - for this he or she must use a special application on their mobile device to read the relevant barcode.
Creation of the customised learning management systems

Property Management Software: How to Choose

Most property management plans deal with the basics of property management. Each online system includes a way for renters to pay through the portal, even if it involves a third party. Maintenance is an important part of a manager's life, so you'll find ways to distribute work orders to employees through these programs. In addition, it’s rare to find a rental property management plan that does not include reporting and accounting tools.

To find the best online management software, you should look for a service that is well-balanced between marketing, accounting and reporting features, tenant and maintenance management and additional features that make your life easier. The software should be easy to use and provide reliable technical support. If your business requires complex procedures or special features, the best way to achieve success is to order custom development from Magora. Alternatively, you can rather try the ready-made solutions available and assess whether they suit you or not. Below you’ll find the most common features you may need in your work and software solutions that may be valuable for you.

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To fill in gaps quickly and efficiently, you need tools to help reduce the time taken to post your listings, send applications to potential renters and answer calls. Yardi's Sky2 and Point2 Property Manager allow you to create HTML-encoded lists that you can store for each unit on your system. The property management software will publish your list on your website with just a few clicks. Top-level lease sites can then quickly receive and attract interested parties.

Candidates can fill out an online form to request a unit, so there’s no need for you to spend hours responding to emails and phone calls just to receive an application. Applicants can even pay online, so there’s no need to wait for someone to send cash or a cheque.

Property management software not only simplifies the life of your manager by reducing paperwork and heavy-duty tasks - it also makes your tenants happier. The Tenants Portal is a useful addition to any real estate solution because it allows your tenants to have a central location where they can pay rent, submit maintenance requests, view leases and check maintenance status updates. Skyline and the lease manager allow renters to pay rent online, which reduces delays and streamlines payments. Property managers can also benefit from tenant management and view tenant statistics and history.

Everyone’s happy as long as everything works as expected, but there’s always something needing fixed, checked or replaced. This is where facility management tools are essential to measuring and maintaining the health of your property. In Buildium, when a tenant submits a maintenance request, you can view it, assign the task to a worker and update the request status on the system. AppFolio allows users to upload photos to the system via mobile devices as well as instructions on problems or checks, which significantly reduces paperwork. In addition, property management software solutions such as Point2 Property Manager and Rent Manager allow managers to track vendors, collect prices and make payments electronically.

One of the most time-consuming tasks of any property manager is dealing with money. You have money coming in and going out for various reasons. Propertyware and MRI software help you track deposits, rent and vendor payments, maintenance costs and more through powerful accounting tools. With these features, you can track your earnings and expenses, avoid administrative errors and make payments when necessary.

In AppFolio, you can set up an automatic late payment plan, while Point2 Property Manager and Buildium include reporting options that allow you or your owners to quickly view cash flow, balances or defaults. Many programs allow you to link your bank account and automatically calculate any commissions or fees due to the manager or lease agent, making it easier to manage funds.

You should be able to contact customer support in different ways. Online forums are a great way to ask questions and learn from other property managers who use the product. The FAQ section should be clear and informative.

Whether you’re managing a single complex with 25 units or multiple properties with hundreds of units, your job as a property manager depends on your ability to maintain everything and keep on top of every task in the organisation. Tailor-made online property management offers the tools, shortcuts and features to help you get the job done right and take you on the road to success.

Why Order Custom Property Management Software?

As a property manager, you have to manage rental requests, rental payments, maintenance requests and job listings. Whether you’re using a manual method with paper or pencil or some programs to get the job done, there is an easier way. Bespoke software helps automate many of your chores so you can focus on profitable real

estate management. We can build top-quality rental management software in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) format, which means there’s no need to install the software on every computer in your office. In a cloud computing environment, all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection.



We can create for you the efficient bespoke property management software solutions with the ability to facilitate better communication between owners, tenants and property managers, and allow you to increase the ROI of the business via automation and optimisation of management at the same time to structurise the process and get the overall control for your estate. Contact us today to discuss your needs and create a great tool for future success.

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