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What does the Software Designer do?

A designer of the IT agency is responsible for the overall visualisation of a web or mobile project. Our UI experts have a broad range of experience and a rock-solid base in media, visual and computing skills, allowing them to shape any project functionality and plan a fully-fledged project from the ground-up.

Here at Magora we assign for the job a group of highly qualified specialists according to the needs and requirements of your project. Additionally to the project manager and the technical leader, advanced programmers and creative designers specialising in creation of the convenient user interfaces (UI) and experience UX testers are working on the solution up to the successful launch.

Qualifications of Magora Designers

At Magora we firmly believe in continuous improvement, the sharing of knowledge and new horizons. So from the moment new designers join us, an endless search for career advancement begins. After all, there are no limits to perfection.  
With responsibility for assistance in driving creative direction and an understanding of layout, animation, typography and art direction, our designers help the team produce the best result possible.
They can boast knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, CSS.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Our senior designers are true industry gurus. They have in-depth knowledge of graphic design, layout and style techniques. They have wide-ranging experience executing complex projects from concept to production, including websites, applications and fully-fledged enterprise software projects. Ultimately, they ensure the design team promotes your brand by delivering high-quality products to tight deadlines.

For our senior designers, knowledge of these languages and software packages is imperative: Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, PHP, MySQL, HTML Coding, CSS.

How we’ve Gathered our Professional UI/UX Designers and Testers

As a team, we come together and work on the various attributes we value. We carefully select the most creative designers and make sure they match our requirements.

  • Great taste - Our designers produce the kind of work that will make your competitors jealous.
  • Exciting / interesting to talk to - We get excited when we talk to you, discuss your ideas and hear your feedback.
  • Eager to learn and develop - No matter how long designers have worked with us, they never stop upgrading their skills.
  • Burning ambition - We always strive to make something great.

Your Qualified Partner in the Digital World

Different digital stores have millions of apps to choose from, all competing for the interest of buyers. With our designers on your side, you can be sure that your software will not only attract the potential customers, but keep them around. If you need to create powerful and interactive software, our designers will apply all of their professionalism and experience to meet the needs.


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Benefits of Professionally Designed Software

More powerful compatibility - we build software to support a variety of features, including sensors, image processors and web options. This ensures that your software application has a large number of features and functions that are always well-suited to your phone.

Outstanding performance - Software’s overall performance is considered one of its key strengths in a highly competitive digital market. Rapid startup, optimal power usage and minimal failures are the unique features of our high-performance custom solutions.

Responsive Layout - Our designers work closely with customers during the design of in-progress products to provide an effective, intuitive and responsive design.

Seamless integration between systems - Be it an iPhone or an Android device, our software is designed and conceptualised for a diverse customer base.

Comprehensive user experience - Our designers create compelling mobile software and visual journeys to suit every type of user.

Maximum protection - The stability of our products allows developers to spend more time focusing on the human factors in app development and quality assurance.

UX Design

Magora designers use surveys and tests to create and polish the unique products. Our design team believes that customers are at the centre of any product worth building. This is why we simply put the sprint into iteration, the better to be able to think of prototypes and assess them alongside real people to make sure we're building the right solution.

UX and agile development technologies are greatly encouraged by the evidence-based design (EBD) approach. All this begins with a better understanding of your project - investigate your goals and needs before putting pen to paper. Our designers will create testable assumptions and objective measurement results as well as a project prototype and validate them through tests and metrics.

Software designers from Magora, London

How can we Help?

Interactive Layout

First the designers investigate the experience. How will the visitors use the software? We create interactive prototypes to ensure that each click meets the needs and expectations of our customers.

Visual Design

Our expert designers use graphics, colour, and text to enhance experience and add style to the software. We strive to make UX intuitive and attractive.

Usability Testing

The designers help our clients to imagine and build their products. We ensure that the end customer is a part of the process from the outset. Experts conduct interviews, consumer situational observations, surveys and utility assessments, then use them to find ways to improve solutions and design.

Advanced Design from Industry Leaders

We are full of endless creativity, paying close attention to the latest trends and keeping ahead of the ever-changing digital market. With our designers on-side, you can be sure your software is the most advanced and modern product among its competitors.

Motion design. Moving pic gifs are gaining traction in mobile software design. There is a tendency towards changing static pics into animations. This is a smart feature for grabbing users’ attention due to human vision’s responsiveness to movement. In other words, it’s truly difficult not to take note of gif pics. Our designers utilise this trick to make the app stand out from the crowd.

Diffused backgrounds. A diffused background enables designers to make the “call-to-action button” easily visible and handy. The importance of this for marketing purposes can hardly be overstated. The background design adds ease of perception. We follow the tendencies toward softer colour tones and simple colour schemes, as well as the rise of diffused gradients and combined colourations.

Progressive scrolling and Interactive design. App users get annoyed when they can’t navigate from one page to another and lose too much time clicking on extra hyperlinks and pages. Progressive scrolling allows smooth navigation and complements the visual attraction. 2018 app design developments are closer to vertical scrolling in layout, which provides numerous benefits for customers:

Nearly all social feeds are offered with vertical scrolling, so it brings familiarity to clients;

By way of scrolling in a single course, users can scroll through posts and associated comments in a continuous manner, offering simplicity of use.

Interactive layout is focused on user experience. The principle goal of an interactive design is to affect users and totally involve their attention. As an example, game apps keep customers’ interest for several hours a day.

Click to tweet and Skeuomorphism. The main trending rule for mobile software layout can also be applied to interactive design. We make it “easy and exquisite.” This is a visual fashion similar to aesthetics of physical accessories in a graphical user interface. Skeuomorphism as a layout concept aims to portray mobile software as a set of real-world counterparts. For instance, many gaming and audio processing apps use this visualisation method to make things easier and handier for those who use the same gadgets in real life.

Large and bold fonts. Massive and formidable fonts are strong enough to help your product stand out. Skillful font manipulation may also be an efficient approach for software designers to successfully convey users’ appreciations, thus making the app memorable and extra popular.

Keeping the balance. Considering the trends for software design, the primary factor of a modern and convenient interface is based on simplicity and comprehensibility. There are numerous tips and hints for making user-friendly interfaces. Some have ended up among need-to-know guidelines for designers, many are at the top these days and a few will die out in the next 12 months. Whichever software design approach you choose, we make it perfectly polished. With our expert help, you can even become a trend-setter.

Micro-interactions. Micro-interactions are nearly invisible for users, but have a significant impact on feedback. There are three fundamentals we keep in mind when designing the UX:

  • Brief communication – if a user presses a button and there's no interaction, they may think the button doesn’t work.
  • Visualising the result of motion – if a user is expecting consequences they must be shown right away.
  • Assisting the user with controlling the on-screen display – we don’t make elements too large or too small and usually take into account displays and their variable sizes.

Interactions are based on a human-targeted design idea. In essence, micro-interactions make a user feel or do something physically. An understanding of micro-interactions is a well-honed skill of our designers as it provides a better experience.

Simple navigation. Software applications with an easy interface and visually alluring aesthetics are highly popular among both iPhone and Android users. Navigation icons and sliding menus, or drop down sub-menus, greatly improves the navigation experience. Navigation is a considerable part of every interface for both websites and mobile apps. It may be applied in different ways using a variety of forms and styles: horizontal, vertical, maybe minimalist or fairly designated and graphical. The principle goal of our designers is user-friendly navigation.

Digital Strategy and Project Management

All this starts with experience. By studying your company goals, internal resources and market competition, we have developed a digital strategy that reduces unnecessary functionality and delivers the best results.

Product Strategy

We are as focused on results as our customers. This is why, before the developer starts building the new software, we determine that we are building the right path. Through rapid prototyping, testing and validation, our multi-function experts help customers understand the capabilities that bring the most value to the potential buyers - and ensure that your business is the most successful.

Digital Technology

Our designers work with you to find technical alternatives and choose the best tools to meet the needs of your project. With more than eight years’ experience in building software for organisations of all sizes in all different industries, we know the right questions to ask to find the technology you need.

Our group is not only a design and development vendor but a technology partner. Our focus is on ensuring the long-term success of your company and creating products that help you achieve your goals.

That's why we work closely with each client to develop the right financial and commitment strategies for each company. The project manager then uses industry best practices at every stage of the mission to ensure results meet the expectations. As your partner, when you succeed, so do we.

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