Toyota approached Magora Systems to create an emergency app for its employees, which will be independent from their current IT infrastructure. The primary concern revolved around the security and fail-safe operation of this app. Ensuring the safety and well-being of employees during emergencies or critical situations was of utmost importance. Therefore, Toyota sought a solution that would provide immediate access to emergency services and communication channels, all while maintaining the highest security standards.


Magora: Brief

Magora, as a trusted partner, presented Toyota with three viable approaches to implement the emergency app, taking into account budget and time considerations. Despite the chosen option, Magora assured Toyota that the app's quality and security would remain consistent.

  • Option Customization: Magora's first proposal involved creating a highly customized and feature-rich emergency app. This option provided extensive functionality and a premium design. It would be the ideal choice for Toyota if the budget and time frame allowed for a more sophisticated product.

  • Balanced Solution: The second option focused on a balanced approach. It retained essential features for emergency response while also ensuring a user-friendly interface and aesthetic design. This option was recommended for Toyota if there were moderate budget constraints and time limitations.

  • Lean Development: The third option emphasized lean development. It aimed to deliver a functional and secure emergency app promptly. While the design might be simpler, the focus remained on security and performance. This option was ideal if Toyota required a swift implementation within a tighter budget.


In addition to offering these implementation options, Magora embarked on a comprehensive project engagement that included the following phases:

  • Project Analytics: Magora conducted a thorough analysis of Toyota's specific requirements, understanding the unique challenges and objectives associated with the emergency app.

  • Discovery Phase: This phase allowed for a deeper exploration of the project's scope, providing a clear roadmap for development. It included defining the essential features and functionalities required for the emergency app.

  • Design Prototype: Magora developed a design prototype, giving Toyota a visual representation of the app's interface and functionality. This allowed for a better understanding of the app's look and feel before proceeding with full-scale development.


Magora: Solution


By offering multiple implementation options and a detailed project approach, Magora demonstrated its commitment to delivering a tailored emergency app solution for Toyota, addressing the security, independence, and functionality requirements outlined in the problem statement. The flexibility in options ensured that Toyota could make an informed decision based on their specific needs, budget constraints, and time considerations.

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