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Sales Tool

Sales tool project interface Some UI examples for Magora e-commerce web application Internet shop for Wileda, created by Magora developer company

World-renowned cleaning supply brand Vileda approached Magora with a large-scale Sales Tool project. The task was to implement an Android tablet app to help corporate buyers cover all their cleaning supply needs simply by choosing the room and the surfaces to be cleaned. The appropriate cleaning materials should then be represented based on the client’s needs and provided for the buyer’s choice via an online store interface. At first, the app was intended to be installed on tablets, available for customers at special promo stands in Metro C&C stores, later spreading to various hotel and restaurant chains.

Magora: Brief

Together with the client we composed a map for this sophisticated project and specified the content and categories of the online catalogue. As a next stage, we’ve worked out the design concept using real pictures of clients’ rooms and apartments and implemented the solution with JQuery to offer the buyer quick sampling of the most appropriate cleaning supplies from the database of several thousand SKUs.

Our clients proposed the initial design, which our creators took as a basis to develop into an innovative visual concept. The tree-like structure was replaced by stylish graphics. The catalogue received pictures of different areas within a hotel, apartment or other relevant locations, where customers could choose the zone they were seeking supplies to clean (windows, furniture, floor, etc.). All zones were numbered to make it easy to click on the one needed and automatically filter the assortment to select the cleaning tools related to it. The Windows Server solution was used as a basis as this was the system previously used to develop the client's DB. Some innovative programming approaches were implemented in the project in order to allow the whole software system work smoothly and efficiently.

Tech stack used

  • Frontend: Angular, DevOps, .NET, JQuery;
  • Backend: Asp.Net, Windows Server, File Storage, MSMQ, PostgreSQL.
Magora: Solution

Magora team developed the working version of the project. The Sales Tool is a promising and growing project, helping buyers to implement orders for professional cleaning equipment quickly and efficiently and wholesalers to better understand the buyer’s needs and priorities and provide the solutions for each and every specific need. With Magora’s integrated web and mobile solution, the company can remove the middleman between themselves and their buyers. We’re happy to help foment this success and are continuing our productive collaboration with the client.

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