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Magora VPN project UI examples Our saas project VPN interface image More interfaces for the web app VPN, architectured by Magora UK team

Magora’s most recent case was the development of a new VPN software system, organised as an SaaS solution. A client from Dubai approached us with the idea of monetising their own VPN service on the Arabian, Chinese, and European markets via provision of cheap and convenient mobile and web VPN-access for B2C users.

The system was intended to furnish users with:

  • Secure access to the Internet via a VPN server;
  • The ability to bypass blocks;
  • Guaranteed safety of the user’s private data.

The task was to work out an architecture, create a robust environment and choose the appropriate hardware to provide a secure, stable, high-speed VPN connection using different protocols with flexible functionality and scalability.


After the investigation, a cost-effective solution with integration of Mikrotik was chosen by our IT architects with wide flexibility in RouterOS settings and integrated high-speed VPN-server and API functionality.

Magora developers elaborated the whole environment with scalable architecture and fail-safe back-end seamlessly integrated with the mobile client to let the partner implement the front-end portion with their own team. The main point is that the high-load IT environment created with thousands of user operations per second works automatically and can be efficiently managed by the client’s administrator.  

Great collaboration of technicians from both sides allowed the project to be ready for launch in web and mobile versions simultaneously.

Tech stack used: IKEv2, L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, JAVA, Spring cloud, Hystrix, Feign, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, jQuery, AngularJS.


By combining advanced technologies and hardware and adding the magic of programming and administration expertise, Magora has created a unique, competitive, fully-fledged SaaS system. With a working version of the product our client has the opportunity to start a wide-ranging campaign to promote their own SaaS VPN environment on the market.

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