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The Risks of Choosing the Wrong Developer

Many companies are wrong to believe that all they need to ensure the success of their online solution is a huge budget and a large team of developers. However, there is no guarantee that everything will turn out as expected.

Let us imagine that your big name developer delivered you a product with all the features and requirements specified in the contract. You release your brand-new app, but soon you notice that, unfortunately, no one wants to use it. And you realize that you spent your entire budget on the application that will never pay off.
How to Find the Right Web Development Company
Whether you are a startup who wishes to build a foundation for an online venture, an owner of a small local business who wants to create a virtual dimension of your physical shop, or an executive in a large international corporation who strives to stand out from the crowd with the help of innovative technologies, you probably cannot say that money does not matter to you. Although you cannot risk by hiring an inexperienced freelancer to build your web platform because you want your website to be flawless - technically advanced, good-looking and user-friendly. But how can you find the right development firm, which is trustworthy, affordable and skillful enough to meet your demands?
Meet Our Professional Developers and Designers
We at Magora can boast a brilliant team of London website designers, developers, project managers, testers, marketing specialists and other specially trained experts. We work in close collaboration with our clients, making the development process as transparent as possible.All of our specialists are well-educated and experienced. These experts are more than likely to deliver an excellent product within the shortest timeframes because they have a deep understanding of online business solutions and can find the best way to meet your business goals, advise you on efficient strategies to optimise your web presence and avoid problems during development.

Why Choose Us?

We never stop at average results - we always strive for perfection, polishing every detail of your future product until it is flawless. Our lean development strategies guarantee you an absolute transparency of the process, close communication, immediate response to questions and new requirements and quick resolution of any problems. Unlike many developers on the market, our team is responsible and motivated towards delivering successful results that bring value. Development practices polished over years of hard work and talented specialists with successful portfolios - that is the perfect combination, unique to our web development firm.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions
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Technical Skills

Our developers work with all major programming languages and platforms, including PHP, HTML, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails and much more. Our London web design company is proficient in utilizing a great amount of open source and commercial development and design tools. You can count on us if you want a top-notch solution built on the latest innovations:

Our web development team works with JavaScript’s backbone.js library and node.js environment;

We are proficient in Scala/Play, Grails, Memcached, Nginx and other cutting-edge technologies for feature-rich app development;

Many applications we develop require complex hosting solutions - we can set up and manage that complex infrastructure using cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services or dedicated hosting services;

Our website designers and developers from London also use Google Cloud Platform for some of our projects and can easily work for your company worldwide;

We can integrate your app with various web services and application programming interfaces.

All members of our web agency often utilise the modern technologies, to provide you with the advanced web solution.

Support and Maintenance

Our web design company establish a long-term relationship with each of our clients, treating every one of them as a business partner. We totally understand that software we create is crucial for their business success. We are used to working with clients from different time zones and industries. Over the years we have never had any legal issues. Of course, we always offer you to sign an official service-level agreement to prevent any misunderstanding. But once you have started working with us, you will see that it is unnecessary. Because you will realize that we are a reliable partner who deserves trust and strives for the success of your projects no less than you do. Needless to say, we are always ready to provide you with all administrative documents and other official paperwork you may demand.

First-Class Websites and Applications for Business Use

Whether you want to enhance your productivity by automating routine procedures, or reach out to new customers and open new commercial opportunities by creating an entirely new dimension of your business, we are at your service. Our website development company will help you bring to life a groundbreaking idea or carve out a niche for your company in a highly competitive business environment.

Web Design, Development, And Support

No matter how bold your ideas and plans are, our trained specialists will shape them into sustainable business strategies and make them happen. Our team of designers and developers have extensive experience in developing quality software for different operating systems, devices, and industries. Our web design company plans, creates, tests, deploys and supports bespoke web applications and dynamic websites.


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We build excellent apps for desktops, mobile phones, and tablets, using HTML5, CSS, PHP, Java, AJAX, .Net, Ruby on Rails, Python, Flash, and Unity.

How Can we Help You?

  • Develop bespoke web and software solutions from scratch
  • Maintain, support and integrate existing web apps, mobile apps, desktop software or databases
  • Optimise existing online solutions using modern-day technologies to increase their security and efficiency
  • Integrate different programs and tools into a single software environment and create digital solutions for processes handled either on paper or manually.
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Why A Mobile App For Your Business Is A Must?

  • Mobile usage has exceeded desktop usage - most people prefer browsing the Internet and doing online shopping via their smartphones and tablets.
  • Mobile technologies see a significant rise in emerging and developing markets as people become aware of how content sharing and access to information can help them in their daily lives.
  • Mobile devices are getting more affordable, while mobile Internet cheaper.
  • Mobile applications satisfy the demand for in-the-go purchases and content consumption of modern-day consumers.
  • Mobile application enables your business to be in an immediate reach - smartphones have become indispensable devices that people always keep at hand.
  • Wired Internet network infrastructure is more expensive than the mobile internet; that is why it is becoming the principal mode of Internet access.
  • Tablet prices are dropping as well, more and more cheaper models appear on the market.
  • Wearable devices are slowly entering consumer’s daily lives, opening up a lot of new opportunities for businesses and developers.

Technologies We Utilise

No matter how you call it - website, web solution web application, database app, web portal, content management system, intranet, back-office program, etc. - these are all products of web-based development, which we have honed to perfection. A mobile app, or a web app - that does not matter to a modern developer, who are equally skilled in every area of IT expertise. Over the years we have integrated our apps with hundreds of commercial platforms, social media networks, and other complex tools.

Web and Mobile Solutions to Benefit Your Business

Create a virtual dimension of your business, establish a solid online presence, promote your brand online, create new sources of income, improve your customer service, and receive other benefits for your business. Needless to say, that conducting business online is extremely viable in a modern era of digital technologies when consumers spend most of the time in front of computers or mobile devices.

Do you still handle routine operations manually on paper or with a bunch of outdated, obsolete tools like MS Excel, MS Words, MS Access or other desktop software suits? A new bespoke system that we will create specifically for your needs will significantly improve your existing procedures, reduce idling and boost productivity.

Modern internet users are accustomed to excellent website design with intuitive interfaces and stunning look, and they expect you site to keep to these high standards. Our web development company from London will supply you with a website that will make you stand out from the crowd worldwide and provide amazing user experience to your customers.

Contact Us

Our experienced web design and development agency can help you even if you know nothing about IT or just want to breathe a new life into an existing web solution, for instance, integrate it with modern web services or optimise it for mobile use.

We will find the appropriate solution, evaluate costs and provide a reference project to prove our proficiency. Our website designers and programmers are proud, that all our applications and websites work so, as was planned and fixed in the software request specification (SRS), signed at the initial stage of the cooperation with each of our client. We can create a bespoke software solution or develop a native mobile app - there is no job we cannot handle. If you have any questions or want to discuss your project idea - call us or drop us a line.

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