Where to find software developers

Getting Started: Filling the Pipeline with the Best

A systematic approach to correctly identifying qualified candidates, whether you need Android, iOS or web developers, can significantly simplify and improve the efficiency of the entire recruitment process.

There is no doubt that the only ideal source of qualified software developers is the personal network, as expert software developers tend to connect with other professionals. Personal recommendations dominate the successful recruitment of new employees.

Other valuable sources of high-level technical talent include:

Blog and technical posts online. Developer blogs can be an important source of good candidates. Technical positions often provide valuable insights into technical background, problem-solving methods and coding skills, all of which are serious criteria for identifying the best candidates for software development.

Contributors to open source. Navigating open source projects on websites like SourceForge and GitHub can produce highly qualified candidates. Another benefit of this approach is that it allows you to view and evaluate a candidate code sample before deciding to make contact.

Meeting. Spokespeople and co-participants at relevant technical conferences often provide valuable resources for qualified developers. If you cannot attend, review the program online and consider contacting the presenter. You can get in touch with them "on time" or they can recommend you to other highly-qualified people.

The advantage of these features is that they provide engineering candidates who have been reviewed in some way prior to the interview. Either you've reviewed the open source code and been impressed by it or you featured the blog post with a mature level of technical knowledge and understanding (ideally, even a sense of humour). The key here is that when you get in touch, the software developer has far exceeded the status of "just another resume." Also, consider using job description templates that set high expectations for the type of developer you want.

Where to Find Software Developers: 9 Great Places

It's hard to find a good software or application developer, especially for growing companies with limited budgets. But whether you're looking for project-based or full-time software developers from an app development company, these nine sites can help you find the right match.


Companies like ZenDesk and Airbnb use Toptal for a reason. The site provides results. Less than 3% of the freelance developers who applied for the site were accepted, creating a first-rate workforce. Developers will be selected based on communication, problem-solving and technical skills, etc. All developers must maintain a history in order to stay on the site.


LinkedIn is of the most popular ways for companies to recruit talent. You can search the site for specialists with the desired skills and find common connections. You can also try to connect with many of the website’s dedicated professionals.


It may require some filtering, but Upwork has a large number of freelancers who are eager to work. Post a detailed description of your project and the work required and the developer will write you a proposal based on your summary. Before making a choice, you can browse through the software developer’s previous projects and read comments from other Upwork members.


Although its user base is smaller than that of Upwork, Guru tends to be more professional. The process is similar to Upwork’s, but the bid is usually higher and the outsourcer has fewer options.

College Recruiter

One of the best ways to beat a competitor is to pick up workers when you're ready to give up. College Recruiter is committed to connecting the company with 10 million students and 7 million newly graduates. Work for a post starts at $95 and is maintained on the site for 30 days.


If you want the best software developers, you should go where they usually live. StackExchange is a community where programmers can ask questions and get answers to the most confusing questions they face every day. In the "Top Users" section, you can identify the top users in the community and learn more about their skills.

Hired WP

If your software development task involves WordPress, try one of the specific job sites within it. Hired WP is one of the most popular platforms in the group. Just fill out the form with the details of your task and site members will see it when they search. The site also sends out a briefing on job opportunities each week.

Smashing Jobs

Smashing Jobs specialises in design and programming, and Smashing Magazineis one of the most successful online magazines for creative professionals. While the cost of each ad is at least $75, you'll get exposure levels that simply aren’t possible with other sites.


You can think of it as a classified ad service online, but Craigslist is a great resource for finding local talent. You may need to spend more time organising your resume, but the price is cheaper than on other sites, starting at $25.
If your company's mission is to find talented software developers, there are many resources to choose from. View the products and prices for each site and find the products most likely to connect you to the developer you need.

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Assess the Technical Acumen of Software Builders

When choosing mobile developers, you should effectively determine their technical proficiency far beyond the nuances of a technology or programming language. While these tech details certainly should not be overlooked, they are generally not the most important elements of the evaluation process.

Programming Challenge

Programming ChallengeA proven way to achieve this goal is to present a programming challenge that is not subject to language constraints. Ask the developer to write a solution in a language of his or her choice. The only requirement should be that the solution is complete and correct, including addressing any edge conditions or possible errors. Remember, the purpose here is to evaluate the candidates’

  • ability to solve problems;
  • knowledge of computer science;
  • coding style.

At this stage of the process you aren’t estimating aptitude in a specific programming language or a development method itself, but the final solution. By the way, another benefit of this approach is that it doesn’t require the interviewer to be a specialist in the candidate's chosen coding language.



There are many online resources that you can choose to incorporate into your interview process. Some notable examples include hackerrank.com and projecteuler.net.

Online Testing

Online testing can form an additional part of the valuable interview process. However, when using online testing services, it's important to avoid the risk of focusing too much on the scores generated by the website rather than the details of your solutions. First, you may disagree with the rating metrics used by the test service. In addition, you may think that some aspects of the solution are particularly intelligent or elegant whilst the automated evaluation process can be completely ignored.

Open Source Experience

Another very valuable technique for assessing technical acumen is to ask candidates to provide a list of open source projects that they have created or contributed to, at least on sites such as GitHub and SourceForge. You can then participate in the interview by reviewing the code and be prepared to ask them for specific design solutions, used patterns, coding styles and more. This discussion may be more valuable than simply testing candidates based on the technical details of a language.

Make Sure You and the Developer are on the Same Page

One of the flaws inherent in the interview process is that there really is no way to know what it would be like to work with a person before you actually start doing so. It does, however, give a realistic feeling about the personality and professionalism of the software builder, which is crucial to job success.

IT elites are not only technically superior, but also very professional. Therefore, your search is not limited to rigorous technical evaluations.

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How Do You Feel?

So you've found your candidate. Highly-qualified with a positive and optimistic personality. Excellent cultural setting. But there is one more key question to be answered: to what extent are candidates interested in your position and in doing work for your company? This is key to ensuring a successful job. Unilateral relationships do not work better in any other aspect of our lives than in business.

Wrap up

You can use the techniques described here as a valuable central process for hiring the best software developers on the market. However, you should remember that effective recruitment is not a destination, but a journey. The process must be constantly reevaluated and adjusted because the static processes involved are destined to become dead processes.

The journey of each company will vary according to their culture and priorities. Find the right one for your organisation and run with it. You will succeed and fail, but as long as you learn from the latter, you can be sure that you are on the right track.

Lastly, the best thing to do is to take the first step. Contact us right now and we’ll prove that Magora is the right place to find great software developers for your project.

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