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Our talented and skilled mobile developers create apps for all leading platforms including iOS and Android, applying cutting-edge technologies and best design guidelines. Moreover, we will not only code and deploy the app, but also make everything possible to promote the app and make sure it brings tangible results. Build apps that perform perfectly across all devices, leverage best app development practices and simply enjoy the process working with our outgoing team dedicated to the digital craft.

Software Requirements
At Magora, we are expert at creating clear and comprehensive software requirements specifications or SRS, which lay the groundwork for the project, describing the requirements, the features and other elements of the future product. Software requirements specifications allow the developers to have a bird's eye view on the project and on what they need to do to achieve the final results. It is like a tutorial that will help you and the developers to make everything according to the plan and come to the intended purpose as a result without forgetting anything. Moreover, the SRS often comprises user stories and user cases that are crucial to the understanding of how the app performs in different circumstances.
UX/UI Design
When designing apps, we focus on user experience because that is what matters for consumers at the first place when they interact with the app. Without providing a user with a seamless experience, there are no chances for an app to succeed, as modern consumers are accustomed to intuitive interfaces, stunning designs and rich functionality. User experience (UX) is the impression that your app has on a user from the intuitivity of the user interface (UI) to the number of buttons the user has to clock to perform a certain action and other small details that may seem irrelevant from the first sight. A great user interface makes the app easy to use, fast to learn and a pleasure to interact with, so do not mess it up.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Native iOS App Development

iOS app development is a complex process that consists of a number of steps such as selecting the programming language, Objective-C or Swyft in this case, finding the proper tools and defining the app’s architecture.

That is why, when choosing the development team, make sure that the candidates are experienced in utilising Xcode, the Integrated Development Environment used for iOS development, know how to write clear code in one of the programming languages mentioned above and are familiar with the Apple’s design guidelines. Objective-C is the primary language for iOS development, although Apple now actively promotes Swift as an easier version of its predecessor, advising it to all iOS programmers.

Build An IOS App

Now, let us make clear what iOS is, and why it is important for the success of your business. iOS is a mobile operating system designed exclusively by Apple to power their iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets and iPod players. iOS is the only system that Apple devices can officially run. It hold the second place on the list of the most popular mobile platforms after Google’s Android. iPads, first introduced in 2010, are the second most popular tablets after the ones powered by Android.

The Features of iOS

The user interface of iOS apps is based on the multi-touch screen of Apple devices, which the user interacts with. The objects the are used to control user’s manipulations are buttons, sliders, navigation bars and other elements. As for the gestures most often used, the include tap, pinch and swipe. iOS and Android apps can also use the hardware features of devices, such as a compass, a camera or an accelerometer - the latter is used to change the screen orientation, for example.

iOS consists of four layers hidden to an eye of a non-pro: the core OS, Core Services, Media and Cocoa Touch. Each year Apple updates its system, releasing a newer version, the latest being iOS 10, which was released in September, 2016. You can update your APple devices over the wireless connection or via iTunes, which also serves as a client for the Apple marketplace, App Store.

According to Apple’s standards, only apps written in Objective-C or Swift that comply with all the guidelines can be viewed as native apps and published to App Store. Of course, you can build an app for iOS devices using Java, Adobe Flash or .Net, but they will not be allowed to the App Store because of the strict restrictions set by Apple. Of course, since the very first days of the iOS, developers have been looking for ways to overcome Apple’s restriction and add more functionality to their apps.

One of such tricks is jailbreaking the devices, which was invented primary to make it possible to bypass the official mechanism of purchasing. Now jailbreaking is done for different purposes, mainly to get access to the file system and customise the in-built software. You can even use jailbreaking to install other mobile platforms - yes, you can even run Android on an iPhone. iOS os a closed system with many restrictions and limitation, which prompts many users to jailbreak their devices.

Why Do You Need SpringBoard and Touch ID?

SpringBoard is the program responsible for the home screen of iOS devices, displays app icons and provides a space for users to put the shortcuts to their favorite apps in the bottom of the home screen. The home screen appears when a user presses the home button, or, in the newer versions of the iOS, touches it. Due to the huge popularity of jailbreaks that people made to customise themes and background, Apple introduced this functionality officially. You can set a passcode on your iPhones or iPad that will give you authorised access to the device, allow you to change system settings or encrypt the messages. At the beginning, the passcode was four digits long, but it was expanded to six digits with the introduction of Touch ID, fingerprint scanner, which now everyone can uses instead of typing the digits.

Android Application Design

Most people in the world use smartphones and tablets powered by Android. It is high time you did Android app. It maybe harder than iOS app development, but it is much easier to get the final product to the market because Google does not have such strict guidelines as Apple. Make sure that the developer knows Java or any other language suitable for Android development and knows how to work with Android SDK (software development kit).

The Challenges Of Android Development

The major challenge of Android development is an endless amount of Android smartphones and tablets with different screen sizes and resolutions that you must take into account to make sure your app adjusts to any given device. Some may ay that Android is not as secure as iOS, but over the recent years Android security has improved significantly and does not pose ay major threats.



Why Experience Matters

Magora is a leading team of iOS and Android app developers with headquarters in London and offices all around the world. We have the expertise to guide you through all stages of the development process from initial idea to design concepts, programming and quality assurance.
Whether you are a startup or a company with a recognizable branding, we have a solid background working with businesses of all size.

Why Magora

  • Approach to app development. Over many years in the IT industry, we have designed an efficient approach that enables us to deliver first-class apps fast.
  • True experts. We boast a strong cross-industry expertise. However, like many other digital agencies that know a little about many different areas, we take the time to explore the industries and learn the technologies in smallest details.
  • Easy-going guys. Do not hesitate to contact us - leave us a message, call us or drop by at our London headquarters to discuss your ideas and projects.
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No matter what industry you operate in, our specialists have an unparalleled cross-industry expertise and a deep understanding of the market that they are ready to translate into your project. Since the very beginning of the smartphone revolution, we have been helping businesses leverage the mobile technologies to achieve success.

Our portfolio is full of outstanding projects we have delivered to the most well-known companies all around the globe. Looking for app developers to create a native mobile app to reach out to your customers? Need a software system to increase the productivity of your company's employees? Get in touch, and let’s see how we can help.

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