AstraZeneca, a global leader in biopharmaceuticals, is unwaveringly committed to pioneering innovative medicines that tackle the most urgent health challenges worldwide. Guided by a dedication to scientific excellence and a profound focus on enhancing patient outcomes, AstraZeneca stands as a key influencer in shaping the trajectory of healthcare's future.

Despite having a robust system for financial report analysis, AstraZeneca faced challenges with its current dashboards. The existing interfaces lacked the necessary customization options, and issues with data display further impeded the seamless interpretation of vital financial information


Magora stepped in to enhance AstraZeneca's financial reporting capabilities by implementing a tailored solution:

Diverse Widgets:

Magora introduced a range of widgets facilitating the creation of detailed financial statements. These widgets streamlined the reporting process, providing a comprehensive view of financial data.

Automated Chart Generation:

To enhance clarity and comprehension, Magora incorporated automated chart generation. Visually appealing charts and graphs transformed complex financial data into accessible visual representations.

Dynamic Report Customization:

Magora's solution allowed for dynamic customization of reports. This feature empowered AstraZeneca's teams to generate extensive reports tailored to their specific needs, ensuring easy access to relevant data.

Live Chat Support and Real-time Updates:

Magora integrated live chat support and real-time updates into the financial reporting system. This ensured that top managers received the latest data promptly, enabling them to make informed decisions with confidence.


Magora: Solution

The collaboration with Magora significantly improved AstraZeneca's financial reporting capabilities. The customized dashboards, enriched with diverse widgets and automated features, provided a user-friendly and efficient platform for in-depth financial analysis. Real-time updates and live chat support further enhanced the decision-making process for AstraZeneca's top management.

Magora's commitment to delivering tailored solutions aligned seamlessly with AstraZeneca's mission to innovate and elevate healthcare standards globally. The successful collaboration stands as a testament to Magora's expertise in addressing complex challenges and optimizing business processes for industry leaders like AstraZeneca.


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