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Our bespoke development is highly professional and customer-orientated, allowing companies around the world to convert their presence on the market to new digital dimensions.

Problems to be Solved with Bespoke Development

  • The company is multi-factional and it is difficult to find a standard solution to all of its needs;
  • You task is unique and the out-of-the-box software you need doesn’t exist;
  • Your business information is confidential and you need additional protection for your data and know-how;
  • The current IT solution is obsolete and needs modernisation;
  • Multiple different IT systems must be integrated into a single software package to work as one.

How it Works

The first thing Magora seek is to create long-term partnerships with clients. This is the basis for defining commercial objectives and creating a minimum viable product to approve the idea.

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Our Values

  • Time-proven process - We have an approved method called Product Discovery that can show you how to modernise existing work processes, including the business objectives of customers.
  • Direct communication - Of course, there is a project manager and a team leader of the development crew. However, our specialists can also talk to you directly - you can always throw yourself into the process and get the best results.
  • Transparency - All procedures are always transparent. Each week we meet, make a plan and discuss the results. The development group make several publications in order to get comments from interested parties or final clients.
  • Sustainable tempo - We deliver on a regular basis from the first day. Our architecture is flexible, the code is tested continuously and the work is computerised. This maintains a sustainable pace of the weekly publication and allows you to extend the project even at the final stages of development.


Generally, we organise both a Skype meeting and a face-to-face session. All participants feel that learning all the details and maintaining comfortable collaboration is a key issue.

We have headquarters in the UK, so we can also arrange a meeting to discuss any burning issues. As a general rule, the best way to address all the essential elements at the first stage is via the video chat. We schedule video meetings through Skype or Hangouts.

Objectives and Strategies

There is a list of practices to identify business dreams and create maps that show strategic ways to achieve bespoke development goals. Developers work closely with experts in the client’s team to create accurate evaluations. Methodology: impact mapping, assignment of user journeys, refinement of user stories.


  • Commercial aims clarified
  • Roadmap outlining how to achieve these through bespoke development
  • List of recommendations with optimal technology and services for their allocation attached
  • User interface prototype

Build an MVP (minimum valuable product)

Before starting the long-term bespoke development process, our development agency recommends to implement the most valuable part of project in the simple solution - MVP. This can be implemented within a short time and with a minimum investment of funds. At this level, developers reduce the risks associated with technology, advertising and marketing for the client.


  • The most valuable part of bespoke software evolves.
  • For example, if a business concept does not pass inspection, such as when interested parties or customers say they don’t need this software, you can save money by halting development at this stage.

Develop Bespoke Software for as Long as is Necessary

We are reaching this point with the clients, which means that we already have a great relationship, a strategic plan to achieve business objectives, a bespoke MVP in execution and an approved software concept. Here, professional developers in dedicated groups begin to develop state-of-the-art bespoke products.

The result:

  • Bespoke software that runs on the web, mobile devices and other main platforms.
  • Verify the KPI of the software, direct the development process and achieve commercial aims.
  • One-day delivery system for each new function.


The detection of errors in the early stages reduces costs. It is expensive to detect errors in the latest development procedures. As we provide the most qualitative services, the software creators do not perform product tests on the back-burner. Bespoke development tests should begin on the first day of the project and last till the end. With the help of bespoke testing, the most experienced programmer will reduce the number of errors in the code, design an extensible software structure and improve the quality of the code when verifying.

Code Refactoring

Perfectly designed bespoke structures, created with design ideas and concepts in mind, must be consistently maintained under appropriate circumstances. By using refactoring, we save designs, improve them and keep information easy. Programmers can replace complex and complicated modules with well-tested codes and maintain their skills.

Design Concept

Creating the first version of the software is not enough. It must evolve continuously, new functions must be generated, and there is the possibility of absolutely rewriting one part of the code without affecting all the rest. All this must be done without interruption of the existing capacity within a reasonable period of time. We use class and package design principles and can offer the highest quality service to customers around the world.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

The secret of high-speed development of bespoke products lies in the constant management and elimination of technical responsibilities within the project.

Domain-controlled Production

Never put us in doubt, even if you are hearing about Magora for the first time, we assure you that we're a very knowledgeable and serious firm, renowned internationally, a reputation we hold very dearly and wish to preserve.

Impact Mapping

Impact mapping not only helps to build software programs, but also helps to provide excellent projects that produce desired effects. Impact mapping helps companies make the assumptions they discuss when creating custom products, align the team's activities with core corporate objectives and improve roadmap options.

User Journey Mapping

To keep the product firm and avoid barriers while customers interact with the program, the builder must observe the project from an aerial perspective. To achieve that, we examine the user's entry point, the exit point and the interaction between the screens. The team will explain the mapping of all these user journeys.

Elaboration of User Stories

Mapping the user's story is not a complicated task - talk about the user's journey with the product and create a simple version that tells the story of the user while doing it. Yet this simple idea makes it much easier to improve agility. Even more important is discovering what you’re doing with your clients and the front-and-centre software products.

Extensive Experience

Magora programmers have real experience with state-of-the-art technology. Almost all technical areas have come under our control and we implement them in many of our projects, professionally compiling the optimal technology based on the concrete demands of the task. We constantly improve our skills by attending conferences and educational sessions and reading new publications to provide clients with state-of-the-art knowledge on the best practices in the world and the most advanced technologies.

  • MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Javascript, AngularJS, ReactJS, .Not
  • SWIFT, PHP, C++, Python, etc.



Creating a Business Solution in-House

Companies, industrial associations and large e-commerce and financial institutions often have their own IT, design and advertising divisions. Certainly, these companies face problems implementing internal IT innovation and introducing new digital products to the market.


  • Internal initiative to change prioritisation frequently
  • In many cases, part-time development teams will fluctuate as they need to borrow from other departments within the organisation
  • Calculating the cost and final budget of the internal improvement procedure can be difficult
  • An indispensable body shortage of workers and talents
  • You do not have time to meet the appropriate requirements
  • Bureaucracy creates obstacles to the workflow

Our Support

You can be sure that by choosing the Magora team, you get a professional group of specialists that strive to meet the most difficult needs to ensure our partnership is both long-lasting and efficient. You’ll be supported by creative designers and programmers, QA testers and business consultants. Before the task begins, it’s true we need some time to see your objectives and collect more information about competitors in order to create IT project that includes best practices and works even better than any existing on-the-market solutions.

Offline Goes Online

Logistics management, sales funnel optimisation and employment expansion are processes common to all operators. If the company is fully optimised, you still need to discover new possibilities for expansion. Existing facilities can inhibit business development, thus reducing the profitability of the organisation. In this case, our developers are ready to offer professional services to develop new ways to expand the size of the company, through automated procedures, central information analysis and online business changes.

Ideas that are not implemented do not generate profit. If your goal is to do a real market test, we’ll suggest the appropriate way: our bespoke MVP building service is perfectly compatible with this task. So, you can quickly offer a new solution to customers, before the competitors.

  • Initially high levels of uncertainty
  • Most developers need specifications
  • The need changes frequently as market needs increase
  • Overcoming competitors with long delivery cycle projects by creating the MVP

If you already have an understanding of what software product is needed to achieve success, we’ll create the polished version of the app, working attentively on the smallest details to provide you with a brilliant solution.

The mapping between the user's story and the client's adventure, MVP is a word well understood by our crew. We recognise that time to market can be important for new products and offer fast delivery services from a few days to a week. Each update improves the commercial value of the solution. Our company does all this and responds flexibly within the scope of work. You can get the most professional services from expert teams that strive to achieve business objectives.

What the Magora Agency Offers

Working hard day-by-day, we are proud to be among the Top 3 bespoke developers as listed by Clutch independent reviews with positive feedback from more than 25 clients, collected over years in software design and programming. Get in touch with us and see your digital project added to Magora’s best cases in no time.

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