Business process management software

Introduction to Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM strategy is an administrative practice with the objective of providing governance of the organisational environment, promoting consistency, increasing agility and improving operational performance.

BPM software is technology that automates, executes and monitors business operations from start to finish by connecting people to people, applications to applications and applications to people.

BPM platform is technology that provides a variety of performance, knowledge and analytical functions in a single platform, allowing you to create and execute quickly and efficiently custom apps that encapsulate processes, data, collaboration and other functions.

Creation of Profitability through BPM

Both BPM and profitability can be improved, while the former can also expand your competitive advantage. How? Through the use of BPM Platform technology, organisations can rapidly expand the development, deployment and separation of bespoke business apps. These apps allow you to respond quickly to changes in markets, customers and regulatory requirements. With a well-built BPM you can benefit from future opportunities.

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Does Your Company Need a BPM?

Each organisation requires management of multiple business procedures and operations. This is the result of hard work. However, many companies rely on outdated procedures, based on printed forms and other manual methods. By facilitating work, both managers and workers will see better value and increased efficiency.

Business process management software is known for automation, but modern BPM offers more:

Simple web-based modeling using BPMN and SOA methodology allows for rapid development, automation and management of business workflow.
Automate, implement and audit the policies and practices of dynamic business process via established rules.
Design Tools
A rich and easy-to-use dashboard creation tool allows you to easily create a simple interface to quickly generated customised content.
Track performance in real time, create a rich reporting panel, identify bottlenecks and optimise efficiency flows and management of business processes.
Business process management software by Magora
Native mobility is included. Once built, it can be quickly implemented on mobile devices.
The integrated management of documents and content allows you to store, protect, search and manage content throughout the company.
Process integration encourages the collaboration of the company with detailed discussions, message boards and content of interest to all users.
Access to Data
Collect complete business system information of any type in seconds and show as much detail as possible of the explorable summary report.
Integration with SOA
Use the development of standard SOA to create a repository of reusable services that accelerates the implementation and simplifies management of business process software.
Visibility and Transparency
The user interface we create gives you a more detailed view of important business events so that everyone involved has an appropriate context to take the right action.

There is one thing that is common to all companies. Everyone is different. Different planning, workflows, and culture.
Designing, executing, managing and optimising tasks using bespoke BPM software, you can improve the really important things.



List of Business Process Management Software

Instead of building your own bespoke BPM software, you may consider our list of the main business process management software solutions and choose the one that will suit you. Several BPM programs focus on niches (industry, function, type of user) but others offer business suites. You can then mix both ends of the BPM solution.
We invite you to browse or review of ready-made solutions and the options they offer; however, keep in mind that in business software development, more than in any other industry, your needs can be fully met only by a bespoke product.

Nintex, which reached our top five, is an ideal BPM solution for small and medium enterprises and large companies alike. This software emphasises work automation for more efficient team collaboration, but also offers business knowledge, document management, IT service management, etc. Nintex provides the value of reducing workflow steps without reducing options. This makes the means of simplifying different scenarios of different types more agile. By linking team members, units and divisions, you can fill all your organisation’s communication gaps.

With Zoho Creator you can build your own app to automate or manage your business / workflow. Drag-and-drop tools and visual interfaces allow non-technical users to create business process solutions. However, the use of this solution requires more brain power than relying on ready-to-use BPM. Its programmers have created a customisable solution which can be set up manually, but when you find limitations to this system you’ll need to think about tailor-made software: get in touch with Magora experts to overcome these boundaries and get what you really need.

ConceptDraw PRO is a local BPM solution that meets the needs of small businesses and companies. This system has a powerful graphics / drawings creation platform to create graphic documents and visualise the process. You can, for example, create a network diagram and share it regularly with teams and clients.

Considered the most complete BPM solution, Oracle BPM has the support of one of the world’s leading software companies. But perfection is not necessarily best for companies in need of reduced workflow automation. Therefore, this software is ideal for large companies with complex BPM scenarios.

KiSSFLOW is an easy-to-use workflow automation software package designed for lightweight processes. It states that it is used by more than 10,000 companies and these are very likely to be SMEs. This software attracts businesses that want to build their own automation apps but who’s owners lack either technical equipment or the requisite programming skills.

KiSSFLOW streamlines the process into 5 steps:

  • determining a process
  • creating a form
  • designing a workflow
  • establishing permissions
  • going live

As a business tool, this software has a complete set of BPM. The package integrates design and automation time for all flows, cases, rules, manual tasks, analysis, forms and integration. Organisations with complex workflows can achieve more efficient work by increasing visibility, accessing data in real time and simplifying user compliance. As a result, the agility of management throughout the enterprise improves.

Benefits of BPM

At first glance, BPM seems to offer significant advantages similar to traditional enterprise app technologies such as ERP. In other words, as a result of the rationalisation of work and the automation of repetitive tasks, the productivity of work is improved. However, BPM platform far exceeds efficiency. Knowledge and exchange functions and integrated collaboration improve decision-making. BPM platform not only improves the productivity of the company but also improves the quality of the product (BPM platform supports the optimisation of the commercial process). As a result, in the months of deployment these improvements will bring companies significant cost savings.

Reducing costs and increasing revenues are the two immediate and tangible benefits of business workflow management, but the real value provided by BPM is agility. In the long term, a complex process application built on the BPM platform improves an organisation’s agility. Smart rules make the performance automatically adapt to changes in the business environment. Collaborative tools unite boundaries of division and improve decision-making and speed. Process changes during also facilitate response to changes by dynamically redirecting operations in real time. Companies with this type of capacity can shift gears faster than their competitors and respond to changing business environments.

The BPM platform not only reduces costs, but also helps increase total revenues by increasing production, reducing cycle time and improving customer service. The direct process shortens the delivery time. Panels help you prioritise business activities by affecting sales. Process performance reports help to identify bottlenecks and reduce handovers. Intensive corporate knowledge helps accelerate decision-making. The closed-loop customer feedback procedure helps track performance. As time passes, these improvements shorten the time to market, improve corporate image and, ultimately, increase sales and revenue.

You can do this by using UI and easy-to-use tools and the software can be automated for the exact scenario. In short, if you have a good understanding of development, you can create apps yourself without an IT team.

But the more flexible this constructor is, the more time you need to set up all the functions in accordance with your needs. We will be glad if the software constructor is something that can satisfy you business needs.

If you feel that your workflow can be accelerated but still can’t find the right software to make everything work, just share your problems and our team will help you build highly functional system to suit you and solve any problems you may face.

Why do you Need Bespoke BPMs if you Have other Workflow Tools?

Workflow tools are not BPM. Developing, building, automating and integrating business processes using BPMs can save time and reduce costs (daily manual processes are easy to use, efficient and traceable for electronic processes). When you build bespoke software, you get exactly what you want to efficiently manage your business. With tools such as WF and MOSS, you need to not only build the foundation of workflow technology but also adopt consulting resources to achieve this goal.

For those whose enterprises are not ready to change their business processes and workflow based on the program functionality but need the software to be built in accordance with company standards, the reports to be automated in the form settled by the corporation, and everything is integrated with existing programs (from MS Office, Sales Force and AMOCRM upto the unique company software solutions) - it’s high time to contact Magora’s business consultants.

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