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Globi Calls

Magora's VoIP Server system for global companies: Globi calls

Our international partner, whose personnel are working in different time zones all around the globe, came to our UK office with a problem. To avoid wasting time and money for international calls, he needed to provide communication within all branches, located in 15 different cities, on four continents, with cross-company phone lines.

Each of the branches has its own set of local phone numbers, which should be used for the calls within the corporation worldwide. Additionally, incoming calls should be redirected to any of the 15 offices without delay, with a stable connection, and at local tariffs.

Magora: Brief

The cooperative work of Magora program architects, and system administrators, led to the creation of a new computer and telephone integration system. The latest technologies of connected graphs helped our programmers to put this IT solution into motion. To minimize the cost of international calls, in addition to the classic VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony, remote servers were integrated, one for each of the client’s home continent. Optimization of the local connections was done in an automotive model, based on the mathematical modeling of the transportation problem.

Magora: Solution


  • Poor quality of IP calls, with cracking sounds and frying noises, became stable and clear;
  • Traditional delays in the response of the VoIP system were overpassed by the integration with local servers.


  • Each branch got the set of short numbers (1-500 for the first country; 501-1000 for the second country; 1001-1500 for the third, etc.) Each member of the international corporation can be connected to a colleague on the other side of the globe via this short number;
  • Clients are now able to communicate directly with any of the company representatives, using the static office phone numbers, while the company members can migrate from country to country.

 Financial economy:

  • Successful realization of this corporate internet-calling system allowed the client’s staff to  implement phone calls to 4 different continents at the price of standard local rates;
  • Each incoming call can be redirected to another country, at the domestic IP-phone price.

Summary: This VoiP+Server solution is our know-how. It can be easily installed and adjusted to suit our new customers.

Magora IT company project: Hunger
Entertainment solutions, E-commerce and POS apps, Magora's Top Software Development Cases

Magora has developed a platform that directly connects caterers with clients, eliminating third parties and ensuring fast delivery of lunches to office workers. Hunger already has a large user  base and an unparalleled number of daily orders, which has attracted the attention of prominent  investors who see great potential in this market niche.

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