What is customer database software?

What is a Customer Database?

A customer database is a program which helps to structurise the information collected about all your clients, including contact details and years of communication history.

The DB can be customised to provide your staff with all the valuable figures in seconds, from the person's name, phone number, address and email to the date of the last purchase, assortment and all the related questions and reclamations. The data storage may also include detailed records of offers and a backlog of future plans. To manage all this data you need a high-quality system with a user-friendly interface, quick response and flexible functionality.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a solution that brings all this information into one cohesive unit. The complete history of the customer, your list of transactions, your notes, emails and appointments are all located within a single interface.

Client database software development by Magora UK

Development of Customer Database Software, UK

When a company reaches a certain size, it needs some kind of software / database to manage its processes, customers, products, or a combination of the three.

Often companies start using spreadsheets or basic database systems, but they soon exceed both features and find that these are either no longer effective or make poor use of time. Thus, companies face the need for client database software.

How Many Types of CRM are there?

Operational, which helps companies manage their day-to-day sales, marketing and customer service operations.

Analytical, which makes it easy to manage customer acquisition and retention processes and track customer details.

Collaborative, which is designed to enhance the customer experience.

If you need a customer database software of any type, Magora can help. We can assist you with your initial consultation, design and software development and with the final deployment, as well as ongoing support for the complete system.

We’ve been developing database applications and CRM systems for many different companies for years. The common thread that runs through all these requests is to get different data from multiple sources and provide employees with a standardised, convenient tool for data management.

Many firms retain information about their customers in various forms: emails and papers, Excel-tables and numerous spreadsheets and databases. Such software can integrate all this information into a simplified system, giving you a unique and detailed view of the customer thereby significantly improving the service you offer.

Software for Small Businesses

Customer database software will provide everyone in your organisation with exactly the same information as if you spoke to the customer directly, which means less repetition, greater efficiency and fewer errors. This also means that valuable data is not lost as your employees will have a dedicated system for entering it.

Solutions for Large Enterprises

IT project can integrate your marketing, sales and service departments. It can help build better work practices, provide joint services and identify opportunities to better connect marketing in order to increase sales and improve engagement:

  • Marketing – Create a personalised and meaningful experience for your clients through insight and data collection. Better attribution and ability to determine the return on investment from marketing campaigns.
  • Sales – sales numbers and easy identification of cross-sell / up-sell opportunities, a real-time view of your sales channels and customer accounts before accessing critical information, such as any "live" order or any service problems that need constant attention.

Free vs. Open Source CRM Software: What’s the Difference?

While companies will often use the terms “free” and “open source” interchangeably, there are some small but fundamental differences between these types of CRM software.

Basically belonging to the same type – free customer database software – the difference lies in the values and beliefs behind its creation, which can affect the impact of the licence and the maintenance costs: a program can be freemium (free, but limited) and open source.

In short, open source is a paradigm of development and distribution, while free is a social movement. For software that is considered "open source", you should be able to exercise the "four freedoms":

  • use the program for any purpose;
  • access the source code and change as necessary;

  • freely redistribute copies;
  • freely distribute modified versions.

Best Free and Open Source CRM Systems

Here is the list of top 5 free CRM software solutions for comparison.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a cloud-based solution with advanced features and free email support. If you need a large number of users and lots of free storage, you'll be willing to sacrifice your mobile experience, and if you choose to upgrade it for the minimum cost ($8 per user per month), Agile CRM will be a good choice.


With a totally free account, you get 5 users and 5GB of storage. The vendor also offers an installation option for a one-time fee of $2,990. If you need a system with project and phone management and don’t need many manual operations or a simpler user interface, Bitrix24 is for you.

Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems is easy to use and offers excellent customer support even at the free level. It offers two free user systems, including 100 accounts, unlimited contacts, tasks and 100MB of storage. When you're ready to upgrade, you’ll have to pay $14 per user per month.


Raynet is user-friendly and its customer service is fast and helpful. It's free for two users, 150 accounts, 50MB of storage and full customer support. You may upgrade to 20,000 accounts and 1TB of storage for $19 per user per month.


SuiteCRM offers an intuitive user interface and free forum support, or three-tier prepaid support based on response time and maximum support time, starting at $2,000 per year. As an open source software option, SuiteCRM offers many features for companies with experience in installation, hosting, upgrading and customisation.

Custom CRM System Development

Achieve your goals with a customised, scalable database system adopted to your needs. Implementing the right CRM can help your company completely change the way it interacts with its customers. Increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, provide insights from actionable customers, highlight opportunities and increase engagement with a fully-fledged software solution.

Custom Development Services

Your software solution will be tailored to your business and your current process, so there is no unnecessary complexity.

Whether your need customer relationship management software for Mac or customer service database software for Windows, the interface will be simple and intuitive, allowing your employees to easily add their captured data.

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We can create a bespoke DB that:

  • Makes it easy to add new users and computers without having to purchase a separate licence for each user.
  • Integrates directly with social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Integrates with all your major applications. For example, email platforms such as Gmail or Outlook, marketing automation platforms like Hubspot and ERP and accounting packages.
  • Includes features that can be enabled and disabled so you can easily extend any changes to your business plan and business processes.
  • Allows individual permissions based on privilege level.
  • Allows you to access your data securely, 24/7, from any networked computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone.
  • Lets you create different panels for different departments.
  • Automatically adapts to the size of the device you're using, so it always looks great.
  • Enables you to generate custom reports with buttons quickly and easily, extracting data from across your organisation to provide a broader view of each department. You can split your data into actual mailing lists, allowing you to easily trigger personalised email campaigns.

We can also easily build fonts or tightly integrate your CRM into your web or mobile applications, so that your vendors can make easy use of any downtime "anytime, anywhere" via updated customer access.

System Integration

For large companies it is common to have multiple software solutions such as CMS, ERP and others performing different tasks within day-to-day operations. However, if such software duplicates data, usually customer data, it’s a good idea to begin exploring integration options, thereby eliminating unnecessary duplication and inaccurate data. If your company has multiple systems that collect similar data then talk to the Magora team – we can help avoid this duplication and save business time.


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Business solution

The best solution is to create bespoke web-based customer database software that will manage the end-to-end business process in a very efficient way.

The second option is to create a smaller, customised CRM database that processes data from other systems and manages it in order to reduce the level of errors.

Either way, the main benefit of creating a custom web app for this purpose is efficiency, but this will have an impact on:

  • Reducing errors – increase customer satisfaction, retain more revenue
  • Reducing time wasted by employees – positive impact on profit levels

Another great benefit of investing in such software is that it allows companies to grow without raising staffing levels.

Magora focuses on creating this custom approach to the ideal system for your business. If you would like to discuss development and integration of your own customer database software in more detail, please contact us immediately.

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