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The Features Your Business Needs Today

Each company is different and there is no one-size-fits-all integrated solution for each business. However, some features are useful for all construction companies, regardless of size.

One such feature is the most recent database of estimates. This helps subcontractors extract the latest cost information directly into their calculations. Subcontractors will have better estimates when these are broken down by building industry. Another key component is ease of exporting. Your construction bid report must be exported either to your project management software or to accounting.

Of course, when we develop a custom solution for you, you get everything you need, because we build software specifically to meet the needs of your business. If you consider a ready-made solution, on the other hand, your choice may pose a few difficulties. Here are some examples of the estimating facilities management systems available on the market.

The ProEst estimating software does not focus on specific transactions, but offers tailor-made bidding software for the outsourcer. It provides cost estimates and digital takeoffs, which helps create an estimation process regardless of project size. ProEst also provides a database of subcontractors. It offers flexible and convenient data entry. You can even import data from older systems, so there’s no need to worry about transferring information manually. One of the best features of this building estimation software is the built-in report generator. This creates a professional vision for your decision-making.

IntelliBid construction estimating software comes in three levels, depending on the size and needs of your business. One of the key features for all versions is the industry intelligence database. It has most of the material projects and their costs, including assembly kits for all types of construction, and can solve labour-related problems. It also allows custom products and prices to facilitate the estimation process and provide quick bidding. IntelliBid provides take-off, bid management, document management and reporting to help you control your estimates. The software is focused on electricians, so its functions and databases are geared towards them.

The Bid2Win construction software package also provides a central database, a key feature of all building assessment platforms. Bid2Win has a template and cost structure that users can employ to make professional-looking bids. The platform is extremely scalable, so you get the resources you need and pay only for those features. Another important feature of Bid2Win is its easy-to-use interface. This reduces the time needed to learn how to use it by making it easier to interact with accounting and project management platforms. The only potential disadvantage of Bid2Win is its target system, as Bid2Win is adapted for heavy civilian buildings.

Pros and Cons of Using Estimating Software

While technology and software systems support better business practices, you may be uncertain as to whether they also present setbacks. Compare all the pros and cons.

Efficiency of the Commercial Construction Software

Today, most companies use different kinds of applications to streamline the working process. These are designed to increase efficiency and to save time and money.

The construction industry is no exception. Estimating software reduces instances of human error and cuts down on manual entry tasks. With the implementation of a good bespoke commercial construction system, ROI can can be increased two-fold.


Estimating software also helps you measure material delivery times and enables contractors to manage and program their workforce more efficiently. This information describes the materials, equipment and work resources required and avoids energy resource waste. These savings can have a positive impact on customers.


The automated estimating process also establishes a sense of professionalism at work. The software maximises profits and ensures that contractors run the tightest possible ships. Having software means that you, as a contractor, can take advantage of sales documents and presentations. You also have the flexibility to immediately adjust working processes and resources.


Digital system integration is not cheap, so you should be prepared to invest in this technology. The cost of software can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for a custom solution. While the final investment is worthwhile, new clients need to make a budget for it.


The construction market is highly competitive and providing accurate quotes is vital to achieving success. Using the software, the contractor can determine the cost of labour, the quantity of material needed and, most importantly, the overall selling price.


Ensuring the accuracy of project bids is the main advantage of using digital tools.

Comparing similar projects and defining schedules and cost reduction measures based on previous builds are other revolutionary features.

Project Management

Project management is an important part of any building process and without specialisation the whole process can become confusing. If there is a problem, serious manual delays and material errors may occur. The software eliminates such issues and prevents workflow cracks.

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It Takes Time and Patience

As with learning anything else, it takes time to master the software. If you’re a busy business, this extra effort can be seen as a barrier to starting work.

It will take some time for your team to participate in the software. You may have someone with good tech skills, or someone who might have difficulties. Again, this means that you will have to spend more time using the technology used to ensure you make the most of your investment.

Before investing, make sure your software vendor provides technical support as it can save lives in times of confusion. Here at Magora, we work in close collaboration with the client and build software from scratch to make it as convenient as possible. We offer fully-fledged integration and support services to help you digitise your processes with minimum effort.

Out of Date

Technology is growing rapidly, as is the construction industry itself. This may become a problem as not all providers launch regular updates of their software. While some will offer updates, some will not, which means your system will become outdated over time. This doesn’t happen if you order your own software program, as you get a flexible solution that can grow with your business and adapt to the latest industry developments.

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Why Your Business Needs Custom Estimating Software

We can deliver custom software solution for all types of construction companies including:

  • Major Contractors
  • Small Contractors and Subcontractors, Jobbing Builders
  • Civil Engineers
  • Professional Quantity Surveyors
  • House Builders and Developers
  • Colleges and Training Establishments
  • Local Authorities



Reduce Estimation Time and Get More Quotes

Whether you're working on a quotation service or estimating a multi-stage commercial project, custom bidding software gives you everything you need to take control.

Custom quotes for your business

With a custom solution you can:

  • Design and format quotes to make them specific to your business.
  • Choose from various system templates available on the market for project quotes or create new system templates using standard word processing.

This feature gives you the opportunity to provide a separate quotation for your business, needs and customers through text formatting, images, hyperlinks and layout editing tools.

Fill in the fields in quotation marks

Adding fields to the template allows you to extract the appropriate information and fill out the final form, making the process quick and easy.

Use the form editor to edit project quotations at any time

The form editor is probably one of our most exciting tools you can integrate: it allows you to edit project quotation documents at any time, including before printing or emailing to customers.

Visibility of all types of workforce

See a complete overview of every type of labour and cost you have set in your system.

Select the sales rate, the cost rate and the overhead price for any type of workforce and use it as default for any new customer. This makes it quick and easy to add labour costs to your estimates or to specific quotes from customers.

Easily adjust your labour costs at any time. Changes can be applied automatically to all customers using this labour rate.

Latest catalogue prices

Import any supplier catalogue or bill of materials for your system to easily view materials requested by suppliers.

Compare supplier prices and add items directly from the supplier's catalogue to your estimates. Use your actual material costs to increase the accuracy of your estimates.

If you’re working on a project, you can maintain a catalogue of projects with prices that reflect the its unique value.

Easily modify and adjust your estimates

With a professional system you can block current estimates, make changes and view concise reports to compare old estimates with revised ones.

Understand your cost allocation by visually representing your net income and your material and resource costs.

Reduce your estimate time

There is no need to estimate from the beginning every time. Save and reuse materials and labour or combinations of labour to speed up your next estimate.

If you’re using a plan, you can import drawings and – using third-party takeoff software – transfer plan materials to your quotes.

Estimate each stage of the project

Costs are applied to each phase of a multiphase construction project, individually or in a group. You can even include optional / manual parts in the final quotation of upsell opportunities.

Use design templates to make sure your quotes or estimates include the details you and your customers need.

Magora creates advanced bespoke construction bidding software and construction project management systems that help you secure more lucrative jobs, manage costs more efficiently, and reduce risk. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project in detail.

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