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What is a Bespoke Solution?

Bespoke software or custom software is like a tailor-made suit - it is a unique application or a set of tools developed specifically for the client. It perfectly fits into the business goals and does not require any compromises as ready-made solutions usually do.

A bespoke application is tailored according to your requirements and keeps in line with even the smallest nuances of your business processes, while off-the-shelf software offers only a limited functionality defined by the developers. In the case of custom apps, it is you who makes the rules - you can develop an app that uses tools and terms that are used by your staff to make their new experience easier. Moreover, you can integrate it with all the programs used by your employees and automatize a significant number of business processes - ready-made apps cannot provide you with such flexibility.
Over the recent years, large international corporations and local small business have expressed a profound interest towards software development and app design. Time has proven that business apps provide various opportunities for growth and expansion. Now bespoke application software is used in market research, workflow management, customer analytics and other business fields. It may sound obvious, but modern bespoke applications enhance your employee productivity, increase efficiency, enables you to develop comprehensive business strategies, minimise expenses and automate everyday processes.

Tailored-made apps to add value to your business: you can create a bespoke app with a basic functionality and then add supplementary features to expand it as the need arises.

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How to Choose an App Developer?

Without a doubt, businesses have already integrated custom software into their daily routine, but do they know how to get the most out of such apps? That is why it is all-important to choose a professional app developer who will not only supply you with an innovative first-class software but also give you valuable advice on how to use it in the most efficient way to benefit your business.

Taking into account all these facts, we can assure you that hiring our custom software development company to build an app for your business is a perfect choice because we care about our clients satisfaction and always aim at the best possible results.

What Makes a Good Development Team

Why choosing our software development firm when there are so many independent developers and software companies who offer their services in easy terms? Because our programmers can boast a high level of skills and a solid experience in building successful IT application development services for every industry, which is proven by our extensive portfolio and a solid amount of rave reviews written by our clients. And we guarantee you that your app will be in line with the latest trends of the digital world because our developers know their craft in and out.

We establish a long-term partnership with each customer. That is why we believe that it is essential for a client to learn the basics of our development process, strategies and QA principles. A good application, from our point of view, should possess the following qualities that are the key to success: user-friendliness, invulnerability, productivity, and engagement. Our custom development services are not limited to making bespoke apps; we offer a broad range of IT solutions including website creation, app design, integration with existing standard and bespoke software, QA-tests, post-launch support, bespoke training services, and much more.

To be more specific, we deliver quality solutions for companies that want to boost their growth, optimise processes, get recognition, increase income and add value to their business. We create the following software:

  • Bespoke enterprise software for internal use, which goal is to optimise your workflow through collaborative digital tools, management and accounting systems automation.
  • First-class business web apps, which operate and store data in intranet or cloud hostings.
  • Integrated web applications and custom builds that add functionality to existing software.
  • Process automation tools - a constellation of corporate applications that integrates the data from all apps used by the company into a single database to increase business productivity.
  • Standard Microsoft Office suite integration. Microsoft business tools are a must-have for any organisation - we will ensure its full compatibility with your systems and provide continuous support.

Our services extend far beyond programming and design - we support our products at every stage of their lifecycle. To add more, our trained experts will carry analyse the market and consult you on the ways to increase your apps productivity even after it has been launch. Our app development company is interested in the success of your application; that is why we are never satisfied with mediocre results. We are the team of developers that you can fully rely on.

Our bespoke application development company delivers excellent customised applications that perfectly fit into your business strategies. Our talented and dedicated team is experienced in every imaginable area of software creation be it custom enterprise application development, web-based app creation or website optimisation - you will get a first-class software, designed exclusively for your company.

Our highly competent specialists have attained perfection in the development of high-end mobile apps and bespoke enterprise software, as well as in digital project management. Our UK app developers have built custom apps for a great number of organisations operating in various business areas. As a result of our solid background in business app creation, we guarantee you that our experts demonstrate a high standard of expertise in the latest digital trends and can apply their knowledge to find new groundbreaking solutions of their own.

Business software can often be very sophisticated - it often includes a vast functionality with highly specific features, complex processes, management systems, large databases and workflow management tools like CRM, CMS, HR programs, accounting systems and so on. Without a doubt, we know the configuration of all these IT solutions in and out. Our expert will deliver a flawless product that will satisfy all your demands. Whether you are in need of a customise delivery tracking system, a mobile store or a complex enterprise system for your corporation, our experienced team will find the right solution that will attend to your unique requirements.


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Developing a Project Plan

Project management in the IT industry is of particular importance because the success of the application in many respects depends on the efficiency of the app development process and client communication.

Our trained experts believe that this stage of development is essential because it enables us to facilitate many procedures and never miss a deadline. We always establish close cooperation between our development teams and the representatives of the client to keep you informed about the process and learn all necessary information about your business. Over the course of years we have developed a strategy to manage and deliver bespoke business software, which consists of the following stages.

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Stage One:

During this phase, our experts carry out a thorough investigation of all important aspects of your business and discuss the requirements with the client. Then we create an outline of the app system and evaluate its costs. There are some key issues we focus on during this stage, include:

  • Business app objective;
  • Complete outline of the system;
  • Business models;
  • Application integration plan;
  • Development of app architecture;
  • Delivery deadlines;
  • Evaluation of resources and cost.

Stage Two:
Project Delivery Procurement

Our specialists prepare documentation that describes the development process. Committing everything on paper, we can guarantee a full understanding between our company and our clients. Project Delivery Procurements attend to the following issues:

  • Project requirements and goals
  • Project closure and product scope
  • Key specialists
  • System design
  • App implementation
  • Asset management
  • Project handover and long-term support

This lean process enables us to ensure the quality of the software and to keep within budget. We never withdraw after the app has been developed and launched - we guarantee you a long-term support and regular updates for all our products because we are interested in their success no less than you are.

Top-Notch Bespoke Apps that Benefit your Business

As any experienced and internationally recognised app design and development company ranking high on the list of the leading software developers UK, we are willing to prove our excellent reputation and deliver a fantastic product without causing any inconveniences to our clients. You can be 100% sure that you will not face any legal issues, miscommunication issues, documentation discrepancies or other problems.

Experts In Custom Software Creation

As we have already mentioned, our services extend far beyond bespoke application development and design. Our trained experts provide ongoing support for each product: they analyse the market, carry out customer research, conduct user surveys, collect user data and so on to improve the app�s efficiency and reach out to new users. We can boast a team of ambitious experts who love their craft and always strive for perfection. Therefore, we can deliver tailor-made business software for small businesses or large enterprises offering IT solutions in the following areas:

We design software that enables you to automate a lot of business processes: it can track location, detect fault, monitor production processes, make estimations of costs and time, etc. Moreover, we can supply you with the latest monitoring tools, measuring equipment and accounting systems.

Our technically advanced business apps provide all necessary functionality for internal audit, budget planning and operational risk calculation. To add more, we are ready to build a bespoke app according to your specific demands, for example, an integrated cash management software or analytical tools for fund distribution statistics.

Naturally, business applications are extremely helpful in facilitating everyday routine procedures. That is why every corporation uses a lot of software tools to optimise the document flow and deal with various administrative tasks. We deliver innovative solutions in the areas of accounting and content management systems, differentiated user access systems and modern messaging and correspondence tools. We also create advanced databases with a high level of security for storing classified documents and other valuable data.

Mobile App Development

Our business application development company builds different kinds of bespoke mobile applications for all existing mobile platforms and pocket devices like smartphones and tablets. We follow the same principles based on close communication with our clients and commitment to deliver perfect results:

  • Creation of app, based on value for your business;
  • Usage of advanced digital technologies;
  • Implementing high-quality standards of development, based on strong QA (quality assurance) procedures.

We will supply you with a user-friendly mobile app compatible with all modern devices and offer a long-term support of the product.

If you have any questions about the development process and want to know more about how it is organised in our company or wish to get our expert advice about your app creation, do not hesitate to contact us just now.

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