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Quick Facts about Magora UK

We’re interested in a long-term partnership with mutual trust instead of short-term cases. Our programmers handle technological innovations and strictly comply with data protection standards.

  • More than 150 permanent employees
  • Headquarters in London
  • 75% of staff are senior and professional programmers
  • Range of Fortune 100 Clients
  • Comprehensive quality control strategy
  • TOP 3 UK App developer company by the independent rating on Clutch

Mobile Experience

The app development approach clearly explains that it’s necessary to maximise the capabilities of the hardware components installed on portable devices. In this process, the work of the builders is extended to other domains with solid talent and entrepreneurial knowledge, condensed into business mobility and central competence of low-level apps.

Our programmers, experts in a variety of mobile and web development fields, know how to create easy-to-use, attractive and intuitive mobile software and build consistent visual and functional presentation.

  • HTML + CSS
  • Quartz core
  • UIKit
  • OpenGL ES
  • Central graphics

Professional app programmers and builders take advantage of iOS, Android, databases and Windows-compatible ORM tools and use time-proven methods of database design.

  • SQLite
  • SQL encryption for iOS
  • SQLCipher for Android
  • CoreData
  • RestKit

In order to maximise the productivity of the development, programmers use native and multi-platform IDE, code repository, project management and collaboration tools.

  • Xcode
  • Eclipse
  • IDE Unit
  • SVN, Git, Mercurial
  • Android Studio
  • MonoDevelop
  • Google app
  • Atlassian JIRA and Confluence

Event Management App

Our mobile app programmers are familiar with the chain of meetings, exhibitions and various media scenes with complex schedules and can build complicated applications for advanced event management. Our group is replete with a series of sophisticated features that have evolved fully-fledged apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the portable devices of these brands.

  • Programming events
  • Interactive site map
  • Social integration
  • Personal agenda management
  • Transmission and continuous storage of live videos, news and images
  • Alert adjustment
  • Instant messaging and chats

An event management app integrated with multiple web services provides up-to-date access to updates and assets, providing an unparalleled user experience for every event attendee and offline fanatic.

Digital Images, Photos, Video Apps

Our builders apply firmware design and development experience to provide state-of-the-art apps that enhance the capabilities of graphics processors, digital cameras and hardware related to boards and phones. These applications are a powerful combination of utilities and system drivers that optimise interaction with back-end hardware components and procedures and allow customers to perform immediate adjustments and share the created multimedia files at high speed.

The sophisticated processing of digital images is also used for the innovative mobile facial recognition programs we develop. The software switches to a back-end database and displays the information retrieved in augmented reality mode in the form of a pop-up title as a visualised hologram.

Content Delivery / Media Streaming

Software solutions for the delivery of multimedia content, such as media players, media controllers, processors, virtual media servers, etc. use technically advanced components to achieve amazing performance and connectivity.

Our programmers’ experience goes beyond the standard user program. They build a DLNA licence solution and the mobile SDK to manage the media library which connects a variety of multimedia content to mobile phones and tablets and networks smart home playback devices (TV, PC, computer music, set-top box, etc.).

These tools, through fast, easy to use and highly interoperable utility, provide a custom experience that various virtual attraction service providers, advertisers and content producers will follow appropriately.

Apps for Smart Accessories

Our mature and educated app builders deliver standalone applications as well as bespoke integration solutions which can be distributed through stores and run on mass-market phones and tablets, bringing you more profit and attracting more clients via appealing design and great functionality. Among our implemented projects are many bespoke apps for different niches, including:

  • Activity tracker
  • Dietitian
  • Help sleeping
  • Exercise guide
  • Games and simulators
  • Smart watch and iWatch

Approach Magora’s expert app programmers to create a concept program to test the progressive technologies and ideas you have in mind before bringing them to mass production, or ask our programmers to start from scratch and bring to market a polished app, collecting more orders

IBeacon and BLE Beacon Solutions

Devices equipped with IBeacon and Bluetooth 4.0 smart technology have interactive functions that can take app development to the next level as such world-class products attract extensive traffic and the attention of numerous retailers.

Having accomplished projects with both mobile market and business enterprise mobility, our programmers create systems for intelligent BLE enabled devices and IBeacon apps and build easy communication to promote brick-and-mortar experience and optimise workflows. Our mobile app builders create superior solutions that have adopted the Android API, such as iOS and Core Location API, and allow geo-localisation and rich, powerful features.

In addition, expert developers can advance even further in the implementation of beacons. You can build, without searching elsewhere, performant web backends, connect them to Beacon hardware through lightweight restful APIs that continuously feed collected information and build dashboards for data visualisation and remote Beacons network management.

And if you need to get all the way down to the low level, Magora programmers can draw embedded human resources to optimise the performance of both hardware beacons and portable devices.

experienced app builders and application programmers Magora

Tech Stuck

Our programmers are true specialists in mainy programming languages and tools and make use of frameworks and platforms for program creation that will prove truly interactive and highly useful.

  • Programming language: C / C ++, C #, Objective-C, Swift, Java, JavaScript.
  • Frames and components: iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch, CloudKit, WatchKit, StoreKit,OpenAL, OpenCL, OpenGL, OpenCV, Xamarin, PhoneGap, XCTest, Cocos2d / Cocos2d-x, Unity 3D, Android SDK / NDK, RenderScript, CUDA, Vuforia (Augmented reality), SDL, Robotium, JUnit 3, Robolectric.

Expert Development for your Success

Our team of app programmers adopt an excellent methodology for development and testing practices, as well as the design of algorithms, the structure of the software and knowledge of the introduction of the user interface to deliver a stable digital solution with intuitive and absolute functions. These can be for work, entertainment and travel.

Coding concept

Before launching an app, it is necessary to meet the following criteria:

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable and convenient
  • Provides excessive performance
  • Success using the CPU and memory capabilities of the restricted tool
  • Low battery consumption
  • Information exchange support without problems between the device and the mobile backend
  • Failure-free operations

It is strictly transparent to clients and project managers, ensuring the provision of full-cycle expert development services and shortening the products’ time to market.

Support and Maintenance

Magora has hooked up a support service to ensure our products are fault-free, easy to use and perform as fast as possible, while having capabilities for continuous improvement and consistent UX drawing on usability, efficiency, and overall enterprise productiveness.

  • Software maintenance and support
  • Security audit and modernisation of outdated apps
  • Backup and restoration
  • Third-party code review and QA control

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

On-The-Go Support

We guarantee a smooth interaction between programmers, developers, designers and support teams without loss or interruption of data. We will properly document all problems and requirements, improvements and failure management.

By default, builders use the Atlassian Jira help desk system to prioritise, document and route the resulting support issues. But we can also use other tools you like. The help service allows the support group to respond quickly to customer queries, evaluate the progress of each company, exchange comments and adjust the history of actions in specific cases.

As part of our primary support package, we perform the following help activities.

  • Problem analysis, problem solving, error correction
  • Software update
  • Machine availability and overall performance tracking

Software Remodeling

Our goal is the creation of perfect solutions to strengthen, redesign or customise your system, resolve errors and eliminate unnecessary functions that adversely affect performance and overall functionality.

Adaptive maintenance is designed to ensure that changes made to the device environment no longer affect the operation of the software and hardware and continue to operate reliably. Scheduled maintenance makes updating and startup management easier so that the latest generations of technology can make the system work reliably.


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Fundamental Research for Innovative Achievements

Our team can boast of the excellence of alliances between the creators of emerging next-generation solutions and the most established international corporate brand research and development department. From research and development to prototyping, feasibility, testing, maintenance and assistance, we have the well-established capabilities to produce the latest solutions and advanced technologies in a wide range of fields. We are especially proud of several enterprise software development sectors:

  • E-Commerce
  • Content management / virtual content distribution
  • Electronic payment
  • E-Learning
  • Scalable backend
  • Mobile business solutions
  • M-commerce
  • Mobile games

Start your Project with a Professional App Builder

From feasibility studies to complicated and attractive mobile app creation, at Magora you can get professional support, free consulting about any technical issue or optimisation possibilities and a team of professional programmers ready to make your wishes reality with a keen eye for perfection. Contact us today.

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