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Bespoke Enterprise Software Development

Magora’s talented and skilled specialists can design, program and deploy exclusive software tailor-made specifically to meet the needs of your organisation. We work with all existing platforms and utilise the latest technologies including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Custom apps we develop are user-friendly, visually appealing, feature-rich, scalable and highly secure. When building an app, our developers always think of the long-term strategy that will boost sales, drive traffic and generate income.

London App Developers You Can Rely On

There are many advantages of working with Magora’s incredible team. On of the most important is our solid background collaborating with some of the most well-known companies both nationally and internationally. Empower your businesses with cutting-edge technologies that would automate routine processes and streamline workflow. Our offices are located in London, San Francisco, Sydney, St Petersburg and Novosibirsk, which means that we will find common ground no matter where you are.

Work With Leading App Developers in the UK

We can help you bring your business to the next level, offering the following services:

Magora experts optimise the business process, enhance efficiency and improve customer engagements and retention, delivering outstanding apps with robust functionality and intuitive interfaces.
Magora boasts a multicultural team of experienced designers, developers, analysts, testers and IT experts who have dedicated many years to crafting first-class digital solutions for enterprises across various sectors.
Our broad expertise in B2B and B2C software solutions ensures that the product we deliver will meet your expectations and perfectly fit into your business.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Business Consulting

Magora has an exceptional team of business analysts who have delivered hundreds of mobile strategies to companies of all size that helped them outstrip the competitors and get to the top of the market. We work with the client to get an in-depth understanding of your business, set long-term objectives and create the most efficient strategy for further growth and customer acquisition. We help you identify the features your app should have to address the current needs of your business and outline the plan to launch your mobile apps to the market, making it visible to as many consumers as possible.

Custom Software Development

We can help your organisation increase productivity, achieve business goals and improve return on investment through the deployment of high-quality bespoke enterprise systems. Our digital experts have a solid background in designing elaborate corporate systems that integrate complex hardware with high-tech software programs and integrate disparate services into a unified solution located in the cloud or on the server.

Post-Launch Support

After we have successfully designed and deployed your bespoke apps, we continue to monitor their performance, fix any problems and maintain the system up to date. Our professional support team keeps an eye on the software to ensure that it is updated to the latest versions of operating systems, meets the latest security certificates and is absolutely bug-free. Developers at Magora know everything about the innovations in the IT industry and are among the first to implement new technologies in their cutting-edge enterprise projects. We encourage our employees to learn new practices and approaches, discover efficient tools and continuously evolve in their professionalism to supply you with the best software available on the market.

Train Your Employees How To Get The Most Out Of Enterprise Software

We can teach your staff to use the software in a most efficient way, however, it is not likely that you will need such a services because all our programs are intuitive and easy to use. Moreover, we can introduce you to the basics of mobile business development, teaching you how to create a winning strategy through the combination of cutting-edge technologies, market research, and competitive analysis.


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Bots and Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Use

Slowly and surely, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a part of our daily lives and searching for a place in in the business world. Many people still think it is a fantastic concept existing only in sci-fi films and novels, while others are using it every day to perform a simple task and more complex activities both at home and in the office.

It has become clear that AI is not a hype, but a technology that is likely to stay with us for a long time. Now you have a unique chance to be one of the first companies to adopt these innovative technologies into your workflow. One of the most useful and cost-efficient technologies you can integrate into your legacy system is chatbots.

Introduction to Chatbots

If you are not a tech nerd, you probably do not have a clear understanding of what a chatbot is, so let us explain.Chatbots are software programs designed for communication, like messengers.

The major difference from chats and messengers we are accustomed to is that you no longer have to click buttons - you can just type your message or command or say, and the bot will execute it.

You have most probably used chatbots. All the leading tech giants use them - Apple’ Siri, the Facebook’s M assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are examples of the most popular and advanced chatbots, bit there are thousands of other that are not so popular but you still you interact with them every day without even realizing it. The new technology is used for various tasks from client support to weather report, and the statistics say that only the previous year there were almost 35000 new chatbots developed.

If you think that chatbots are a mere entertainment, you are wrong - just wait and see how the will be winning over the corporate sector in the nearest future. Their most exciting ability is to process written or spoken commands to perform a great variety of tasks from making reservations to adding a notification in your calendar or canceling a doctor appointment. Chatbots are no longer limited by the pixels, clicks and pressed button - you can talk to them like to real humans, and they will understand what you want to say. Just imagine how exciting it is - talking to a computer knowing that it understands you.

Chatbots are a fast, efficient and multitasking technology that will bring tangible value to your enterprise. You have a unique opportunity to become a pioneer of business innovation and be one of the first companies to leverage the power of such smart assistant. New technologies emerge every day. For example, Apple has recently announced that they may incorporate Augmented Reality features into their next iPhone. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is one of the tech leaders with exceptional business abilities, and you’d better believe his intuition. If he thinks that Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are the technologies of the nearest future - trust it. it is possible that soon AI will be able to run the business while you enjoy the profits. We can help you design a secure and feature-rich chatbot that will accelerate business innovation and ensure the future success of your company.

We Design, Program and Support First-Class Apps

Our industry-leading experts create effective online business strategies, develop cutting-edge mobile apps and provide every product with continuous maintenance and support services.

The expertise of our specialists covers all the leading technologies and embraces a great variety of industries, you can be sure that we know the specifics of every area of business. Get in touch. We would be glad to talk to you and discuss your project in great detail. Contact us if you want to validate your ideas, estimate the cost of app development and specify the requirements for your project. We will offer you a free consultation without any obligations.

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