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Who Are Database Developers?

While database administrators are more concerned with daily maintenance and supporting existing settings, database programmers tend to be more focused on improving the DB by expanding its scope or function.

Magora’s expert developers can build new apps for the database or convert existing legacy applications to DB configurations.

One thing all developers deal with is innovation in database system design. A traditional DB usually consists of strict structured data and a variety of traditional archiving components, DB structures and different types of data processing.
Many data storages are now being configured to process relatively raw or unorganised data. This has made the work of developers more complicated; however, we are ready to face this challenge.

Here at Magora, developers work in collaboration with other web system professionals to create and maintain top-notch products to help your business grow.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

What are the role and responsibilities of a database developer?

The developer is responsible for creating or maintaining all the structural components that make use of the technology stack.
DB developers work in the close collaboration with program architects and participate in the following tasks:

  • Implementing the data model your app needs
  • Creating a pattern object
  • Implementing Data Integrity Rules
  • Choosing a programming environment for your new development project

  • Programming using SQL statements on the server side, PL / SQL or Java client routines and procedure code
  • Creating the app interface using the selected development tools
  • Creating a global support environment for app development
  • Testing apps in different databases for development, education and deployment in a production environment

Database developer vs programmer: what’s the difference?

From a professional point of view, data storage development activity includes management of the DB structure, stability and vulnerability checks, response time and optimisation of the resources and storage space needed.

At the same time, a DB programmer is working with the logic and structure of the DB, dealing with functionality and the GUI as well as user interaction, etc.

To create an efficient data system for a targeted range of clients, our developers perform extensive research to assess the task complexity, analyse all the best programming environments and choose the right coding languages to implement the project. The primary responsibility of data center developers is to analyse the company's data needs and generate an effective system to meet those demands and conditions. This requires knowledge of data management software, programming languages, architecture, data models and data integrity practices.

Professional developers should be able to run a performance testing program to ensure the base is working correctly. This responsibility includes addressing any potential issues and, where necessary, creating and submitting test reports and improving information in the system.

Our developers create system documentation and provide operating manuals and supporting documents. This includes adding information about changes or improvements that have been implemented.

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Development Skills

Our developers have strong analytical, problem-solving and organisational skills. We also have advanced communication skills. All of our specialists can work independently and often have to develop their own solutions and testing systems. On top of these, our developers can boast the following professional skills:

  • Application of technical development and programming skills to create top-notch programs
  • Analysis of existing systems and data to develop effective solutions
  • Knowledge of specific languages ​​and programming codes
  • Awareness of new deployment process
  • Troubleshooting and bug-fixing in new apps

Advanced Skills

Although most of our clients have no need of the following skills, Magora list these requirements to our staff as preferred:

  • Understanding of emerging technologies
  • Advanced SQL Skills
  • Ability to train and mentor new developers

When working with us you can expect an experienced, fully-fledged partner you can always rely on.

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How can Magora programmers help your business grow?

If you’re an enterprise that needs a complete corporate database to serve multinational sites, allow multiple users access and update data simultaneously, or you’re a local retailer in need of expanding but have discovered worksheets that can limit your performance, we can help. Here are some of the solutions we can offer you:

  • Remote database (cloud) development and control;
  • Local database synchronised / replicated with the central system
  • Multi-tenant bases, such as a personal data storage for each "member" in the corporation, sharing the same user interface, functionality and business logic

If your corporate data structure is not working properly, whether because of the poor quality of the software, an unfinished software project or the developer you’re currently working with, we can help you fine-tune it. All the systems we create allow you to get real-time reports and analyse data quickly and easily - so your employees can keep on working without having to spend hours extracting meaningful information.



Custom Database Development

Magora specialises in the management, support and integration of custom software development, DBMS, MySQL, MSSQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle, Sybase and IBM DB2 using the most optimised SQL queries. Our track record demonstrates more than eight years of experience in complex architecture development services.

  • Magora uses best practices to build the best architecture and software design. Our experienced development team uses optimised SQL queries to create top-performing applications.
  • We also have technical experience in database caching to help apps run more efficiently.
  • The programming team is located at our UK and international headquarters. Magora does not sign up with offshore developers, thus ensuring we provide reliable, clean and sustainable code.
  • Our developers create applications in a solid structured framework to provide the best environment for software maintenance and scalability, as well as hiring other developers to handle projects while offering more flexibility and options.
Why do companies choose us?
  • A Solid Structure - Magora has profound experience of IT infrastructure and have elaborated our own powerful software development strategy.
  • Experience with all frameworks, such as CakePHP, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter Symfony Framework and more.
  • Over eight years in app development.
  • In-house programmers providing high-quality code.
  • We follow coding guidelines and standards.
  • Our products offer easy-to-use interfaces.
  • Our clients are offered a better performance framework.
Maintain, support and manage

We understand that current database uptime requirements are critical for any business and offer a one-hour response time for most emergency support services.
We provide the following maintenance and support:

  • Same-day or one-hour support service
  • Weekly and monthly maintenance service, plus weekly work to meet the timeframes of your project
  • Dedicated project manager assigned to your account, contactable by phone or through the Project Management System
  • Custom consulting services with advanced programmers and experts

Test-Driven Development

Test-driven development offers many benefits related to database development, including better design and less code, more interactive coding and more culturally-oriented testing.

What is TDD?

Sometimes referred to as Test Development First, Test-Driven Development (TDD) is the practice of writing re-run unit tests or bug fixes for each new feature before writing or changing any production code. This is an iterative process following these steps:

  • Testing to prove the function behaves as expected, followed by running the test (which should fail).
  • Writing product code sufficient to pass the test.
  • Re-running the new feature test and all other tests, proving the new feature now works as expected without any other problems.

This cycle is repeated for the original method and any other possible input for each new characteristic. The production and code base are periodically checked to eliminate any duplication, simplify code, or improve performance through a process called refactoring.

In .NET, tests are typically written using a third-party unit test framework and are built in the integrated development environment (IDE) if they have built-in unit test support (such as Visual Studio Team Edition). These tools run individual tests and batch bids, or run all tests at the same time and display failure information.

Not sure which database you need?

If you know the type of database you want and have the software requirement specification to hand, we’ll implement all the bells and whistles to meet your demands.

If your company is just beginning the process, don’t worry - this is where we come in. We will work with you to learn your business’ needs - in general, who will use the database, what tasks will be performed, how often data needs to be modified, available hardware, access levels and scalability requirements - before making our recommendations, as well as creating the software requirement specification for you so the Magora developers implement it further on.

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