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Our development team has extensive portfolio having built more than 250 B2B and B2C software systems that have a compelling user interface and an effective back-end to ensure good user experience and satisfaction.

Our IT services

Strategy & Consulting
Our software consultants explore every possible tangent of a concept to meet your needs. We plan the whole software creation process, consider every single detail and offer the most efficient way to achieve your goals.
Mobile App Development and Consulting
Product development services help you quickly establish, optimize, verify, maintain, and manage business transformation in the digital world.
Code Review and System Integration
Our team helps you migrate your current software from any mobile device or computing platform to iOS, Android phones, tablets or Windows Mobile. Magora senior software developers can implement the third party code review or provide you with a consultation about possibility of additional functionality integration for the existing program.
Overall Testing
From rigorous testing to the full implementation of target gadgets, system architecture support, and automated testing methods, your software will have a seamless operation and user experience across all operating systems.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Let Your Business Move Forward

Unleash the power of business with custom mobile solutions, mobile ERP extensions, system architecture, analytics dashboards, revenue automation responses, and more.
  • iOS development. Magora software engineers and business consultants will help you to create state-of-the-art, hands-on iPhone and iPad apps that meet key mobility needs for your customers.
  • Android solutions. The development team has created highly functional Android apps with flawless architecture, that have increased organizational efficiency, accelerated decision making, and delivered a high return on investment.
  • Cross-platform. Such programs can reveal weak and wrong features, and design exactly what you need before moving to native development. It may be useful from the financial point of view too.

Create the Correct Software

As professional software consultants, we find all possible tangents and abilities of your ideas to meet all the needs of your company.
  • Startup. There is a great need for appropriate strategies and software architecture planning to enable your startup to achieve the best possible results. Our consultants will help your startup to grow in a money-making business.
  • Large enterprises and medium sized agencies. The projects completed for the global world-know corporations provide us with valuable experience in working with successful companies regardless of size and industry to turn them into mobile enterprises.

Our Goal

In the strategy and architecture planning phases, the expert developers and software consultants inverse a concept, shake it off and gather a new one. The idea is active, and the development process starts as soon as we do the following:
  • UX / UI Layout
  • Configure KPIs
  • Plan the architecture
  • Determine the cost
  • Define roles and key stakeholders
  • Fix deadlines and optimize timeline

Software Architecture Engineering

If you have ideas you want to validate via an MVP, need to expand a software product, or maintain an existing software - our IT engineers and consultants are always ready to help you choose the right strategy.

Our Process

Our consultants help adjust the needs of consumers and businesses, and use the SMAC channel to address the needs and behaviors of the market in a comprehensive way.

We have the right people, consultants with proper experience, the constant pursuit of challenges, to bring innovation to life.

Agile architecture and implementation practices address seamless delivery of products and the highest quality.

Magora specialists employ a continuous consolidation practice that involves a high degree of engineering discipline and process stability, enabling efficient architecture building, testing, and software release at the right time.

Our software development company enables corporations to offer comprehensive testing services to ensure flawless user experience and the expected business value.

The development team uses cutting-edge monitoring tools to capture and solve problems, assign work, and follow the team's hobby. To make work more comprehensive, our consultants will help you master any software for more productive collaboration.

Program Porting

Only one program on the platform can ruin the whole architecture and limit revenue potential. We can help re-architect your existing IT solution to work properly via any mobile or desktop device, including Android, Windows, iOS, etc.
  • PC / Mac
  • Android for iOS and Windows
  • iPhone for iPad, Android, and Windows
  • iPad for iPhone, Android, and Windows
  • Windows for Android and iOS

How to get the Job of a Software Consultant at Magora

To provide our clients with the professional support just from the beginning of cooperation, at Magora we are constantly inviting the business coaches, technology experts, senior developers and negotiating specialists to support our consultants with the best word practice.
The consultants advise clients on how to configure large apps, what technology to choose and how to correct errors. Our staff offer hands-on advice on how to customise the software system for a specific task or industry. They analyse your company's system and decide what type of software can make the process more efficient and what technologies can be implemented to realise the functionality. To become a software consultant at Magora, the candidate must have the necessary education and trainings, have wide experience in the IT and business-related areas, be able to communicate effectively and keep an eye on the latest IT trends. If you need a qualified software consultant - you can find them at Magora.

Business Apps

In a modern commercial environment, managing corporate data and simplifying day-to-day work anywhere cannot be managed without the mobile extension of the company. Our development consultants can help you get the full benefits of software, and reach the most complex projects at the highest levels of security.
  • The extension of SAP ERP mobile workflows provides secure access to ERP records, approvals, inventory, revenue, purchases and workflows.
  • To make an organization more efficient, agile and powerful, it is important to recognize that more and more people stay away from their desks and to give them access to up-to-date corporate data and devices. Ask our consultants about the most appropriate solution for your case.
  • The workflow makes operational excellence possible. It allows end users to make better choices, increase transparency, and respond immediately to calls.
  • Real-time access to ERP statistics on any device.
  • Control Gain
  • Elimination approval
  • Collect feedback
  • Tracking issues
  • Improve Productivity
  • Collect signatures
  • Automate Workflow
  • Expand enterprise activities for digital dimensions
  • Integrate SAP-based ERP workflows into portable devices
  • Advanced performance
  • Higher visibility
  • Faster decision making
  • More flexible
  • Operational log anywhere
  • Reduce core processes cycle time
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Mobile Sharepoint

  • Developing a local SharePoint intranet gives the business the right people and knowledge.
  • Custom solutions offer one more advantage than the standard Microsoft standard application, including custom user interfaces, paging, workflows, and more. As required, you can create more advanced custom features without having to wait for the Microsoft team to embellish standard SharePoint tools.
  • The mobile intranet allows companies to share news and notifications through push notifications without forcing users to sign in to the intranet every day.
  • Custom solutions create a positive user experience that is consistent with current iOS and Android guidelines.
  • Unlike a common Sharepoint intranet that needs to configure a Microsoft Sharepoint app, a custom solution configures the Sharepoint component and processes records through a custom codec.
Useful Functions
  • Sharepoint workflow
  • Shipping Notification
  • Access features
  • Manage documents
  • Get Employee Details
  • Track corporate events
  • Get important news about your organization and people
  • Advanced Productivity
  • Best collaboration
  • Greater control of information
  • Simplify the process
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Access everywhere and on any device
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Mobile Barcode Scanner

  • Barcode scanning allows you to turn any tablet or smartphone into a barcode scanner and then archive and track any feature.
  • Paper-based accounting, supervision, and asset verification are now times of the past. With the advent of smartphones, barcodes can be read with a portable device, making it easier than ever to get statistics on any item that loads the code.
  • Barcode scanning solutions can be used at the point of sale, production lines in the sales system, as well as warehouse assets, ticketing systems and price verifiers.
  • Once the code is scanned, the backend software can customize the design to systematically load statistical database access and trigger signaling to automate or track it manually.

Often Integrated Features

  • Report automation
  • Integration of a Bluetooth scanner to scan the barcode
  • Create and audit stock asset records
  • Database records safety control

  • Business modules such as exams, circulation, processing
  • Assign expiration date, keep records to complete maintenance
  • Integration with third party services and cross-devices synchronisation


  • Improved accuracy
  • Accelerated productivity
  • Economical and effective
  • Simplify automation
  • Help in making decisions



Your Reliable Development Partner

  • Experience. We have created more than 200 enterprise apps for companies from different industries and our consultants are ready to help your project become the next hit.
  • Range. The enrollment forms we develop vary depending on workflow management, analysis dashboards, content materials, and other demands.
  • Peripherals. Our experience in developing enterprise software that uses peripherals, such as printers, bar code readers, etc., is unparalleled.
  • Expertise. Our end-to-end process, uninterrupted integration, document rendering scope, load time, device control and protection are unparalleled.


Our comprehensive testing services include mobile, cloud, and web-based solutions. Our company's testing platform is unparalleled and hundreds of enterprise software and users are reviewed for cross-functionalities, availability, compatibility, performance and affordability, and many other standards such as HIPAA, PCI, FDA, and more.

Why Choose us

  • Reliable. More than 250 apps are generated on iOS, Android, Windows platforms and hybrid solutions.
  • Type. Our test suite covers all the basics of functionality, usability, compatibility, overall performance, and accessibility, respectively.
  • Completely. Strong knowledge of various structures, system architecture specifications and specific features of each platform.
  • Equipment. Selenium, UIAutomator, WebDriver, Apache JMeter, MonkeyTalk, MTAF, Robotium and an advanced internal automation framework.

Quality Assurance

  • QA engineers intertwined with development experts and consultants ensure the best quality of your app at all stages of the development process.
  • Testing services focus on helping clients provide their customers with a positive experience, and ensure that functionality runs seamlessly on any device and operating system. Our technical consultants help you achieve user’s satisfaction and the sale’s growth.
  • The correct testing procedure is based on proven methods and practical QA.

Our Proprietary Technology

  • Experienced professional testers specializing in native, web, and hybrid app checks.
  • Get insight into different platforms, tool specifications, and service features that affect the app automation framework, to deliver mobile automation products.
  • Software testing includes verification, availability, compatibility, performance, and accessibility.
  • Auto-tests, created by our programmers with Python and Java, can help automate tons of monotonous maintenance tasks.
  • Our staff serve the entire vertical professional industry in full compliance with HIPAA, PCI, FDA and other laws and regulations.
  • Know-how in automation and general performance testing tools.

Just reach out to our consultants, and put your project in the hands of the tech-savvy developers.

We will work in close collaboration with you in the business needs identification and feature prioritisation. And Magora team will take care of all the technical aspects to ensure your project is successful.

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