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For the past 10 years, our app agency London has been exploring the latest technologies, building cutting-edge mobile apps, developing first-class websites and designing bespoke software solutions for businesses of all size across different industries. We have helped a lot of companies reach the top, from small local shops to large nationwide retailers and internationally recognised brands, and now we are ready to translate our in-depth expertise into the digital solutions for your business.

Our Digital Services

  • Website Design
  • Native App Development
  • Complicated Software Creation
  • 3d Party Coding Audit
  • DIgital Marketing
  • Online Business Consulting

How We Strate and Where We Are Now

We were one of the pioneers of the smartphone revolution and contribute a lot to the growth of the mobile app industry, developing iOS and Android apps from the introduction of the first iPhone back in 2007, navigation businesses through the new exciting world of mobile technologies. We guarantee you that we have enough experience and industry knowledge to help you formulate the requirements of your project and craft an effective strategy to reach your goals. Over the years we have developed a seamless software development process that ensures tiely communication with our clients, fast delivery and exceptional quality of our products. After all, the software we create is what our reputation is based on.

App Development

You have a great idea of how to streamline your business process with the help of mobile technoloies but do not have enough expertise to do it on your own?

Do you feel that your website lags behind the competitors?
Do you need to integrate your disparate software tools into a unified system?
Do you want to improve the system to fit needs of your growing company?

Why Go Mobile?

While traditional retail is dying out little by little, e-commerce is growing fast and attracts more and more businesses and consumers. If you want your business to stand out from the competition and adapt to the fast paced market environment of today, you should choose the people who will build your website and mobile apps with great care, because making a wrong decision may cost you dearly.

How to Choose the Right App Developer

Digital services are not something to economize on, so make sure that you judge by experience, not price. At Magora, we have just the right combination of expertise, enthusiasm and business savviness to build outstanding digital products. Our well-versed developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts and other IT experts will help you formulate your ideas, create a full-fledge plan of bringing them to life and craft a great digital solution to cover your business needs.

Website Design

Is your web platform not good enough if compared to the sites of your competitors? Does it compromise the broad expertise and excellent reputation of eurobusiness because of its outdated looks? Are traffic and sales much lower than you expect and you fail to meet the business plan? Do you find it problematic to find necessary information or perform certain action when using your company's website? Does your employees spend a lot of their precious time trying to update the website' contents? Is your website beautifully but traffic statistics ugly? Do not get desperate - many business would give a positive answer to these questions. At our app agency London, we can change this, optimising your website to meet the current needs of your business.

Magora loves creating visually stunning media content and innovative mobile apps with 3D graphics and videos. We have designed many media-based applications for the entertainment industry, apps with educating videos for educational institutions, streaming channels for major broadcasters, in-flight assistant software for international airline companies and customer relationship management systems for big enterprises.

The perfect mix of visually pleasing graphics, entertaining videos and rich functionality are the ultimate weapon to win over consumers and strip out the competitors. Visual content proves its efficiency across all sectors from travel to governmental organisations and banking companies. We will work together with the stakeholders of your organisation to ensure that the app keeps in line with the established business persona, targets the right audience and create an impact that will bring much value to the well-being of your company.

How to Ensure Visibility

Even the coolest, most innovative, edge-cutting apps will vanish into oblivion if they are not visible to customers. Fortunately, we know many strategies that will make your app stand out from the competition and reach out to the niche audience. Magora experts will advise you on how to best organise your promotional activities to engage as many consumers as possible. One of the most efficient strategies is to strengthen the position of your company in organic search engine results.

To enjoy the best results of search engine optimisation, you need to pay attention to the following three components:

  • Code quality, mobile friendliness and the overall structure of the website
  • Content optimisation: the relevancy, quality and keyword density of all text materials
  • External links
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Marketing Campaigns That Bring Results

You have spent months and thousands of dollars on an app or a website that fails to deliver any tangible results and drives no traffic, not speaking of sales? That is bad, because your objective should be to increase conversion, improve customer loyalty and establish a solid online presence. You try to expand your knowledge and address to the limitless resources of the world wide web, only getting confused by an endless amount of marketing terms: search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, social network marketing, push notifications, mass media campaigns, link building, software as a services, minimum viable product' and so on and so forth.

How to Choose the Most Efficient Marketing Activities

Not only do you have to make sense of these terms, but assess the advantages and disadvantages they have for your particular area of business. Having done this, you will be able to choose the activities that best suit your demands, financial capability and human resources. If you have no time to learn the basics of online marketing, our experienced team is ready to help you generate more traffic, increase conversions and boost sales



Digital Business Consulting

DIgital business development is the most recent trend that drives the modern market. However, you should be familiar with the specifics of the digital environment to make sure you make right investments that will pay off in the nearest future. Internet swarms with all kind of sources about e-commerce strategies, online marketing, digital platforms and other opaque concepts that may be hard to grasp and even harder to implement in the real life.

Magora is a London-based app agency that will explain the meaning of the mystifying IT terminology in a plain English, introducing you to the world of mobile technologies and digital commerce. No matter whether your business is a large manufacturer of goods or a small traveling around the corner, there is a solution that fits into your specific niche, and we will find it for you. We are ready to back you up in this digital sphere.

Work with Seasoned IT Experts

Our process is 100% transparent - we hide nothing from our clients and establish a close communication to ensure that we speak the same language and work towards a common goal. Moreover, we take the time to get an in-depth understanding of your business, because knowledge is power.

Why Working with Us?

Magora's goal is to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with the client based on full transparency and trust. We work hard to prove our great reputation and deliver products that are worth the investment because they bring value, improve productivity and accelerate innovation.

We never withdraw right after delivering the software - we work hard to optimise our products and ensure that it achieves the results that you expect. Please, do not hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call if you need more information about our services, want to validate your ideas or get a free initial consulting.

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