How to find an app developer – A practical guide.

Let’s consider the key questions to be answered: - where to find the developer, - should it be a freelance individual or an IT agency. And how to proceed to the evaluation of strong and weak sides for each of the criterias and estimate pros and contras for each of the options.

Target: Developer's Location

The first and most obvious of the criteria that can be applied to reduce the selection is location. Finding developers locally can be a very good solution depending on the type of project you’re considering. This option offers the following benefits:

  • Face-to-face communication and the same time zone, which means the ability to schedule meetings in standard time and make real-time adjustments to the product as needed.
  • Similar language, cultural background and traditions, which may be an important factor for some clients, especially when it comes to discussion and problem-solving.

For these reasons, hiring local employees is an attractive option for many entrepreneurs.

Although these are the priorities to consider, there are disadvantages to finding app developers locally:

  • If you choose only candidates in the local market, you’ll be limited to the qualifications and skills of the candidates in this particular community.
  • If the rate in your area is high, you’re likely to spend a lot of money before the project is completed.

Recruiting overseas developers seems to be a more complicated process, though it certainly has its advantages:

  • It provides access to a wide range of experts using a collection of certain technologies. If your project requires it, the company can provide an expert with unusual or even unique skills. You can also access professionals who already have experience in the field, which is a great advantage as they can not only handle the code of your application but also offer useful information to help take your original ideas to the next level.
  • As for the time difference factor, you can organise your workflow in a way that allows for several hours of overlapping work. There are always other solutions for online meetings and discussions.

Smartphones Applications Development Options for Business

The next step on your way to finding the perfect match is the choice between hiring an individual freelancer and a professional development company. When looking for app developers, you need to be aware that independent developers are self-managed people. For freelancers, you will depend on that person in terms of end product quality, time and risk management and all other possible features. So if you need to deal with a simple short-term task, freelancers can provide a lot of help. On the contrary, when any problem occurs, it can be difficult to solve, and there is no other specialist on the development side to control quality and ensure success.
When you hire mobile app developers from a reputable development company like Magora, the main advantage is that they have an established workflow, allowing each expert to focus on and complete their best work. These organisations focus only on optimal performance. Within the company, workflow and project managers deal with communication problems, while a freelance developer is solely responsible for all these operations. The workflow and project manager ensure delivery of the final product based on a prior agreement, making it easier for customers to track progress.

The company also provides supplementary services that can significantly improve the app's overall performance and appearance. For example, Magora is focused on native app development for iOS and Android and web development, as well as professional UI / UX and QA services. You don’t need to think how to find new employees – just contact our team and let us do it all for you.

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Where to Find Mobile App Developers

There are many ways to find an app developer and to ensure that you’ve chosen the most suitable candidates. Here is a list of strategies that can help you find a good app developer:

Recommendations. This is probably the oldest way to find a contractor, but it is still very effective. Feedback from previous clients is the best evaluation of a developer’s work. In addition, past clients can provide honest opinions on the pros and cons of working with people.

Local university. If your design requirements are fairly simple, offering an opportunity to young talent is not so bad a choice. Students will be happy to take the opportunity to start their careers and you’ll be working with a young person, working with the passion and enthusiasm of a team.

Internet community. GitHub and StackOverflow are the first two platforms that come to mind. On these sites, developers share their professional knowledge and skills so that their level of expertise can be easily assessed. This makes it easy to select people who meet your expectations.

Freelance platform. This allows developers the opportunity to find a project of any complexity, paid at an hourly rate or a fixed price. This process is very simple and straightforward. Such services generally offer payment protection, to ensure that both parties fulfill their obligations. The most popular platforms are Freelancer and Upwork.

Online platform. Finally there are different free websites, other types of platforms where you can find developers, although their initial function is to represent the brand in the professional market:

  • LindkedIn is a professional network for seeking employment and can be used to get in touch with promising candidates.
  • Another option for finding a good app development partner is – this platform offers the opportunity to find the best companies with different areas of expertise, review customer comments and contact them directly.

And the Winner Is ...

As long as you have a list of candidates you’re interested in, carefully review each candidate to select and hire an app developer. To do this, you should check out their website and their portfolio, as these are the perfect expression of skill sets and personal style. There may not be many cases added, but these projects should meet your expectations. Of course, there should also be a list of executed projects, including the specific skills and toolkits that you’re looking for.

It's also helpful to check the about page on the company’s website. This provides an opportunity to understand where the people or businesses involved come from, what goals they have and the values ​​they support.

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Even if your candidate doesn’t find their way into your list via recommendations, it’s helpful to check their public profile or comments left on the site. These can tell you more about real proficiency and skills.

What’s Next?

Once you've narrowed down the list as much as possible, you can schedule an interview. Meeting in person is the best option – however, if the candidate is located elsewhere, Skype meetings are a good choice. This will complete your overall impression and provide everyone with an idea of ​​the communication skills involved. Here you can ask any other questions that are not resolved in the developer's portfolio.
Look for companies that openly talk about how the development process is organised: what stages your project will go through and how exactly they’re going to achieve the end result. As for Magora, we are always open to any question, can support the product after launch, have additional services available and are eager to provide you with a broad range of services to build your dream app. Contact us to find out more about our team and make sure you have your lucky winner.



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