Start Developing iOS Apps

The Apple’s official guide called “Start Developing iOS Apps” introduces aspiring developers to the main tools, design policies, frameworks and other technologies developers should know to make apps for Apple’s tablets and smartphones. The goal that the Apple’s guide sets is to design a fully functional program that can be submitted to App Store. from scratch. Without a doubt, Apple has done a great job describing complex tools in simple words that is easy to understand even by the absolute newcomers to the world of internet technologies. Apple puts it with ease and vivacity, avoiding complicated terminology and providing users with information on app development that is simple to grasp and digest.

Getting To Know The Basics Of IOS Development
The guide speaks of how much fun it is to make iOS apps and how much profit it can bring to you in the long run. However, for someone new to mobile development, it may be difficult to start, so what Apple does is it provides you with a road map leading you towards the application. Keep in mind, that to make iOS apps compatible with iPads and iPhones one must have a Mac computer. Our software development experts highly recommend aspiring developers to read the Apple’s guides that will tell you about the key concepts and most efficient practices, introduce the iOS development tools and help to get to know the process of iOS development in general. Learn how to make Apple apps with our experts.
The Stages Of IOS App Creation
The primary tools for iOS development that you will have to learn how to use are the Xcode integrated development environment and iOS SDK (software development kit). An aspiring developer will also have to learn the basics of one of the iOS programming languages, Objective-C and Swift, and study the Cocoa Touch frameworks. Once it is clear how to use these tools, it is time to make a simple iOS program that you will be able to test on your device. And, finally, proceed to the last step - App Store submission. Apple Developer guides are available to everyone who wish to learn iOS design on the official site of the Apple Developer program. However, keep in mind that to publish the application in App Store, you have to register an official Apple developer account at a yearly fee of $99.

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Learn How to Make Apple Apps

To develop a simple app, one does not require any extraordinary skills. Even someone who is not a programmer can teach themselves to build iOS apps watching video tutorials and reading articles on software development. You have probably stumbled upon articles telling about 8-year-old children who have developed their apps and become famous. So if a child can do it, there is no doubt anyone will be able to accomplish the project too. To make an iOS app, learn the recipe, just like in cooking. We will tell you the necessary steps to follow to cook your app, but the cooking style is something to figure out. So here is a step-by-step recipe for preparing your iOS app, enjoy!

guideline: do apple apps

Find The Application Idea

Have a creative idea for a next successful app? As you may know, there are millions of apps available on App Store. What makes this program unique? Why would users want to install it on their smartphones? What is the reason for them to spend money on the program or in-app purchases, depending on the monetisation strategy of choice? When there is an idea, make sure that there are no apps that serve exactly the same purpose. If such applications exist, think of what you can offer that will make your product better than that of the competitors. Put the ideas down on paper or draw a wireframe using a prototyping tool.

Have A Mac Computer At Hand?

iPhone is a smartphone manufactured by Apple, and it is possible to make apps for the device only using software that runs on the Mac OS. Of course, there are many Mac OS simulators available on the internet, but they are hardly a good solution to the problem if you want to make a quality application. If there is no Mac around, buy a Mac mini, which is one of the cheapest models, or borrow an Apple computer from one of your friends.

To get access to official iOS development tools, sign up for the Apple Developer program. This process is quite simple, just enter your Apple ID and agree to the terms of use. Access a limited free functionality or subscribe for a full Apple Developer membership that enables you to publish apps in App Store, which costs $99 a year. Once the account is registered, you have become an Apple Developer who can make a program of your own and make it available to the masses.

Any official iOS developer can download the software development kit from the Apple’s official website. The version of the SDK depends on the version of the iOS to develop for. Be prepared that the download may take a lot of time, as the size of the SDK is very big due to extensive documentation, sample codes and different other features to make use of during the development process. Open your book or put in a good film and start the download.

If you do not have any version of the Xcode installed on Mac, download it from the Apple’s website. Xcode is an integrated development environment with a graphic interface that enables iOS developer to edit source code, using a vast functionality, graphical features and other tools to make apps for macOS, iOS, WatchOS and tvOS. This download is also rather big, so be patient.

Utilise The SDK Templates And Learn Objective-C

Once you have planned the wireframe of your application either on paper or in a prototyping tool, utilise one of the templates available in the SDK to start designing it. There are lots of models to choose from. And there are many video tutorials and blog posts on how to use them effectively. The next step is learning the Objective-C programming language. If you do not have any previous experience in programming, it may be pretty difficult to learn Objective-C from scratch, so try to find someone knowledgeable in iOS development or hire a professional developer. Another idea is to get a manual on Objective-C, there are a lot of great books on the topic.

Code Your App

When the basics of Objective-C are clear and some resource where one can find answers to your coding questions are at hand, you can proceed to actual programming. A helpful tip - it can be useful to take screenshots when coding the program to remember what you have already tried. Coding may take a few hours or a few months depending on the complexity of the project. Do not rush to decide on the app functionality, make the choice wisely.



Test Your App And Submit It To App Store

The iOS SDK comes with an iPhone Simulator. You can also check the program on a personal device using Apple ID. You should rigorously test the application to eliminate as many bugs as possible, to ensure the best results try to imagine how an actual user may use the app and retrace his activity. Now it is time to publish the app. To make it visible to iPhone users in the App Store, you will have to register a paid Apple Developer account. This will cost $99 a year, as we have already mentioned, so make sure that there are some money saved. However, do not worry, if you build an engaging and user-friendly app, it will pay off soon enough. These $99 are definitely worth it. For one, you get access to the most advanced developer tools and get a chance to publish the program in the coolest mobile marketplace, App Store.

Hire Expert iOS Developers

We are an experienced team of developers to rely on - our enthusiastic programmers and designers will build an app that addresses your business needs, increases conversion rates and grows a customer base. If you want to bring an idea of a startup, a great mobile application or a corporate software system to bring to life, get in touch. We will be happy to consult you on any mobile development question you have, contribute our professional skills to the project and build your dream application.

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