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Our UI designers create many mockups for the project, UX testers focus on the user's response to the test solutions for native mobile apps, bespoke enterprise software, providing important improvements before the final design comes for the public approval.
We are not afraid of challenge sand can tackle a project of any complexity, be it a simple productivity tool or an elaborate corporate maintenance system. At our app design company, we develop first-class backend web services and build high quality apps.
Our experts make sure that your app gets through Apple’s approval process. We will help you release your app in App Store to make it available to a large audience of iPhone and iPad users. You can rely on us to successfully launch your application and grow your customer base within days.And we are always glad to provide our consulting and user trainings, as well as post-launch maintanance and support.
Once your application has been released in App Store, we will create a full-fledged mobile strategy to promote your products and services online. There are many different user acquisition strategies, and we will help you choose ones that best fit into your business. Another important aspect to think of is monetisation strategy - we will consult you on paid applications, premium version, in-app purchases and other options to earn money within your app.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Tips on Hiring Smartphone Application Developers

Having a mobile app for your business is a must, otherwise you are missing ot on the largest audience of smartphone users who are willing to spend money on digital technologies. Mobile phones and tablet have become indispensable parts of our everyday lives - they are where we live now for the most part. According to statistics, the majority of smartphone users regularly make online purchases within native mobile apps. Just imagine, your app could be one of them.

Questions for the Interview

If you feel that you are ready to enter the exciting world of mobile retail and build an app to sell your products and services, or provide your customer with information about your business, or other useful functionality, it is time to find an experienced app developer to help you with this venture. Our mobile expert has prepared a list of questions to ask digital agencies, which will help you find the perfect candidate for the job.

Check the Information

However, keep in mind that many developers give you contacts of the clients in whose positive references they are absolutely confident. To avoid this trap, you can go to the development company’s LinkedIn profile and check whether you have any colleagues, former co-workers or acquaintances in common contacts. If you find someone, write them a message or give them a call and ask about the candidate’s work ethics, skills and reliability.

Trustworthy developers should be haa[ to provide you with case studies of projects they have delivered over time or at least took part in bringing to life, and make sure that they send you links to apps in the Apple’s App Store, Android’s Google Play Store and other leading mobile app marketplaces. Looking at the projects, you will be able to gauge whether they have enough expertise and skills to design a kind of app you are expecting them to deliver, so do not ignore this step.

Unfortunately, simply looking at the developer’s portfolio, you cannot know for sure whether it is them who have actually built all these apps. Contacting the digital firm’s current and previous clients may be a good way to learn whether they have really worked on the projects and ask a couple of questions about the experience the clients have had working with the developers. You can also browse for client reviews and testimonies, the can give you an understanding of how reliable, experienced and hard-working the candidates are. For instance, it is a good idea to ask whether they have kept within the budget, delivered the end product within the deadline and had any issues during development.

The answer to this question can reveal how much the candidate know about the mobile operating systems and how passionate they are to their craft. If the developer you interview says that they focus on Android development, then they should have an Android device, because thus they can use the apps they create, but also use apps developed by the leading industry experts, adopting some features they like into their apps and just keeping an eye on trends. The same goes for iPhones.

How Can i Make Money with my App?

If you are developing an app with a primary focus on generating profit, the developers should know how to implement the technologies necessary to make this happen and be knowledgeable in app monetisation strategies. For example, you can release a basic free of the app with only basic functions, and a premium version with extended features that will cost between $1 and $5, depending on the scope of features it offers. If you decide to go for a free app, make sure that the development team knows how to integrate pay-per-click advertising, paid subscriptions, in-app.

What Unique And Creative Features Can You Integrate Into My App?

To stand out from the competitors and attract new users, your application should have some truly unique, engaging and useful features. Think of the functionality and technologies that can help you with this job and then ask the development team whether they are capable of implementing it. For instance, ask them whether they can add social media sharing features, QR-code scanners, 3-D technologies or e-commerce elements into your app.

Who Will Have The Intellectual Property Rights?

Typically, the intellectual property rights belong to the company or individual who pays for the app development. To ensure that you get all the right for the developed product, ask the developer to sign the “work for hire” contract or any other document that clearly states your ownership. The paper should state that you won the source code, design, and content, as well as provide for confidentiality.


How Are You Going To Test The App And Submit It To App Store?

Some developers will say that the best way to test an app is to deploy it on the device that it will be used on. However, ask the candidate for a more detailed explanation of how they will perform beta tests to eliminate all bugs and glitches. How will the developers fix the found bugs and how much time will it take? After the app has gone through a rigorous testing, it is submitted to App Store for approval. Any professional developer should know how to ensure that the app will be approved and know all the steps in the complex process of app submission.

How Much Do You Charge?

First of all, discuss whether you will pay an hourly rate or have a fixed price for the app development project. As a rule, most designers want their clients to make an initial payment upfront. Other development companies ask for a deposit at the very beginning of the process, which can account up to the half of the project's total cost, and when the end product is completed, you will have to pay the rest.

The cost of app development can start at $1000 and go up to several millions depending on the hourly rates of the developers and on the functionality you wish to integrate. Many development agencies can provide you with cost estimation services, giving you all the cost defining factors and risks specified, but even such a document can provide you only with an approximate cost of the project.

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We can boast an extensive portfolio of the internationally recognised project that we have developed for major brands and small businesses alike, and we are ready to face new challenges and discuss new app ideas to prove our expertise and bring another awesome application to the world. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea of a new mobile app hit.

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