Magora’s Software Development Case for Healthcare Cost Calculation


“Magora built a scalable app using cutting edge technology and modern JS libraries. You guys came up with all of the colours, installed and essentially maintain the code on our server. I don't have to install anything — it just works! The fact that you were able to set everything up made it so much easier.”

Lars Hegstrom, cofounder of InnovoCare

Web solution for Healthcare Industry

InnovoCare is a new application which helps to calculate the true costs of healthcare services for medical centres.

When we first met Lars Hegstrom, one of the founders of InnovoCare, we could not imagine where this project would take us. Lars was looking to build a prototype to test the concept of the new tool and showcase it to potential clients. He had an idea to visualise each step of the healthcare delivery process from the point of view of hospital administration.

As we studied the task closer, we saw that there was an acute need for a software solution that would simplify computing the actual costs of healthcare services. The result had to consider all stages of the process from the initial diagnosis to the final recovery and to take into account all the expenses medical facilities bear along the way.

Our intention was to create a web application that could work as a dynamic calculator and be easy and convenient to use for medical administrators.

Magora: Brief

The client’s initial idea was that this software can be created based on the new technology, such as dynamic trees (d3.js tree diagram). As the first stage, we completed the working model of the application. The prototype was so relevant and important to the client’s needs, that there were several investors ready to provide additional resources to ensure the whole application came to fruition.

The main goal of the InnovoCare application is calculating and structuring expenses, specifically, the true costs of complex health services involving numerous medical researches, examinations, operations and medicines. The Magora team's ideas of implementing the JS at the back-end and using other cutting-edge technologies such as a MognoDB database, Node.js and Angular.js frameworks help to provide the correct solution for this complicated task.

After several brainstorming sessions our software architects and developers finally completed the application. And it was not possible without the professional support of the client’s experts and personally Mr.Hegstrom.

During such discussions InnovoCare gained some new features, such as:

  •   Users can register and create new projects and groups;
  •   Detailed reports can be exported and shared with other people;
  •   Administrators can monitor all changes and activity within the system.

All these progressive methods helped to create a dynamic and fast tool.

Magora: Solution

With InnovoCare, the top managers of medical centres can accurately determine ROI for any work period.
The app can also be applied to a number of different niсhes. This means that the success of InnovoCare could most certainly translate into improved commerce well beyond the world of medicine.

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