Hunger, a food delivery platform integrated with iOS and Android applications for the catering industry, is one of the Magora developers’ latest creations. A forward-thinking entrepreneur approached us with the idea of designing a lunch delivery app similar to the popular American startups that had already brought their owners a lot of money. He wished to import the idea to his own country, as it proved to be highly successful and profitable.  

Office employees in big cities spend at least an hour having lunch: they go to a restaurant, stand in queues, wait to be served and then billed... Our client wanted to create a user-friendly mobile app that would provide customers with an easy way to order food online and have it delivered in next to no time. Our corporate client was looking for IT professionals; we’re proud to say the solution the Magora team created has delivered unparalleled results. 


The main challenge for our team was a tight timeframe as the client wished to launch the startup within three months. We immediately sprang into action: our developers contributed all their expertise to the project, supplying the customer with creative ideas and helping them to prioritise features and functionality.

As a result of working closely with our client and our seamless app development process, we managed to build the first version of the app in hardly any time. The first clients began using Hunger within three months, as stipulated by the project’s timeframe. We ultimately provided two native mobile applications - one for iOS and another for Android - both of them integrated with the web-based backend.


We utilised the following technologies:

  • PHP Yii2
  • Android SDK
  • Objective-C

While ordering, customers can choose between two daily sets of meals and delivery time is immediately calculated based on their location, allowing business workers to receive their lunches within 5-7 minutes. They can also monitor the location of the courier and receive notifications when the meal arrives. Upon delivery, the user is automatically charged by debit or credit card.

The app’s functionality allows users to do the following:  


A Client Can

A Courier Can

Register with the system

Register with the system

Order a meal

Check in and out of the system

Choose a delivery time

Add information on a client

Track an order

Rate a client

Receive status notifications

See a map with a client's location

Rate a meal

Send a message to a client

Send a message to the courier

Make a phone call to a client

Make a phone call to the courier

Close an order


As more and more people start using Hunger on a daily basis, the app successfully handles increasingly heavy workloads and helps startups generate revenue, serving huge numbers of customers. Hunger has been successfully launched in Moscow with plans to expand to other large cities. It has already attracted the attention of multiple investors and collected over £40,000 in the first month after release. Hunger continues to attract new investors each month, becoming more and more popular with customers.

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