What is the Idea Behind your App?

Just think of how much fame and money you can get for another “Half Life” for smartphones and tablets. However, if your company is not Valve Corporation or EA and have never taken part in game development of any kind, it is unlikely that mobile games are your best niche. Remember the girl? Think of something that captivates you, something that you love and would like to share with others - this might become a perfect background for your application.

Use Your Imagination

Let us imagine you are fascinated with flowers. While walking in parks and gardens, there are often new kinds of plants which names are unknown, but you would very much like to know whether it is possible to grow it in your room or backyard. But where can you find the information about this beautiful flower if nothing is known about it? Will I go to the library and scan through enormous encyclopedias, or drop at a garden center with a sprig of that plant? Why take the pain if you can simply take a photo on your iPhone, launch a program and make it find the plant that matches the picture, as well as provide you with a detailed information about it. As simple as that.

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Conduct a Market Research
Before proceeding to the development of the “gardening app”, investigate the market and make sure that this ideas has not been already used by a hundred people. Go to the App Store and browse through the category. In the case of your app, type “plants” and “gardening” and any other keywords related to the thematics of the program and look at the search results. Has your idea already been brought to life by someone else? Are there any similar apps? If the answer is positive, then what makes your app special?
Find Your Unique Approach
Are other similar apps available for both iPad and iPhone? Would it work with both, or is it more suitable for one device but not the other? Of course, one can build an application that is in many ways similar to the ones already on the market. But any professional developer will say that if you want your app to sell,find your unique approach, add new creative features, offer outstanding design and so on, in order to stand out among the competitors. It is all about being best or first and getting to the top.
Make a Layout
The easiest way to design a page is to sketch it on paper and decide how all the elements will look like, how they will be located and how they will interact with each other. You can choose from a great variety of applications that enable to create mockups, and see how everything is going to look on a real device. It is even possible to make it feel exactly like a real application with clickable buttons and working links. This is a great opportunity to try the software out before it is coded. If everything is fine and intuitive, then go ahead to the next step.



How to find a developer who is reputable and affordable?

Choose the Developer

If there is a previous experience in programming or enough time to learn the basics of app development, you can do the job on your own once you have studied the Apple’s develop guidelines or other tutorials on mobile design. Another option is to hire a professional who will spare the pains to learn coding.

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Where To Find The Right Developer?

First of all, try asking around - is there anyone who has designed your iPad app? If your budget is limited, look for independent developers because their prices are lower as a rule, however no one can stop you from hiring a large digital agency. One can also search for app development events and tutorial on the internet and contact the authors, as they are likely to be professional programmers who know their craft. Obviously, you have plenty of choices.

How Much Does IPhone And IPad App Development Cost?

When your company has finally found an iPad developer that seems okay, organise an interview and ask them questions about their development process, prices and project that they have completed. Search the web for references and customer reviews, there are many specialised web portals like clutch.co that can proivde this kind of information. Remember that it is not possible to provide you with a fixed price on development, so ask a mobile app developer to give you an estimated cost. The cost largely depends on the complexity of the project and on how much of it has already been done. If there is a need for a lower price, supply the iPad programmers with corporate brand book, ready images and probably a layout of the design. On the other hand, if there is only have a vague idea about the project or want it to be coordinated with a website that is still in progress, the budget is likely to soar.

It is most likely that you are building a program not only for fun, but also for profit. If so, it is time to think of the monetisation strategy. Apple keeps one third of the price, which means that if your app costs $3, each download will bring $2. It is easy to figure out how much downloads you will need for your program to pay off, for example, if 10,000$ are paid for the development, your investment will pay off after 5000th purchase.

However, be aware that the laws of supply and demand do not always work in the mobile industry. For instance, one iPad developer has published a rather trivial game which saw poor rating when it was priced at around 3$. The app developer hiked the price, but left the game as it was. Guess what happened? The app saw an increase in downloads. It may be deduced that price does not play a big role on the customer's decision to buy the product. Therefore, set a price that will cover your investment and allow to put the app on sale in the long run.

Let us remind you: there are already 2 million apps in App Store. It is going to be extremely hard to get to the top. Creating an outstanding product is the first step, but nobody will know about it if you do not make it visible on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social networks, blogs and websites. If you are sure that your product is really awesome and worthy, engage your friends, by asking them to share their rave reviews. Another option is to hire someone who will write articles about your software and send them to blogs and forums.

Hire Professional iPad Developers

Looking for an iPad app development specialist to bring your app idea to life? Our design firm is here to help. We have a broad experience in delivering successful mobile application to various businesses and are glad to offer the following services:

  • Web design
  • Business branding
  • UI/UX design
  • Software testing
  • Graphic design
  • iOS and Android app development
  • Bespoke software design
  • Mobile website creation
  • SEO consulting

Our experienced mobile app developers and designers have created about 450 mobile apps, websites, enterprise programs and other digital solutions. Drop us a line if there is a need to develop an iPad application for your company- our experts will be happy to help you and answer your questions.

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