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How to Develop iOS App for iPhone and iPad

iOS apps cover every possible area of our lives from gaming, education and travelling to complex accounting systems, development environments and medical solutions. Apple’s products have proved to be extremely useful for consumers and highly beneficial for businesses.

Since the introduction of Apple devices the demand for mobile apps has been steadily growing, and as a result, App Store has become the leading market where mobile users from every corner of our planet can find quality application to their liking.

Why Hire Professional Developers to Create an App?

Our professional team of developers has a substantial experience developing applications for devices running iOS and fully understand all the nuances of innovative app creation. Building successful apps for iOS requires a high proficiency in design and coding because Apple’s App Store is full of excellent applications, so you must hold the bar high to stand out among the competitors. Over years we have created software that has achieved high rankings in App Store and received rave user reviews.
Expertise In Developing IOS Applications
Whether you want to develop a game or a mobile marketplace, a complicated business management system or a user review database, our talented and ambitious developers will funnel all their energies and skills into the job and provide you with a top-notch quality solution to suit your business needs. We differ from other developers in the fact that we never stop at average results - we are creating iOS apps carefully until your product is perfect in every sense.
Client Involvement In The Development Process
We always encourage our clients to take an active part in development, give us their feedback and participate in decision-making, because we believe that the best results can be achieved only through the cooperative efforts of the both sides. We care for your involvement and are ready to explain to you anything you wish to learn about software creation. Our lean strategies developed through trial and error ensure that you will have a most pleasant experience working with us.

Cooperation Between The Client And The Developer

Objective-C is the principal language used for programming iOS applications. Another essential tool for any developer who wishes to build apps for iPhone or iPad us an integrated development environment called Xcode.

As a team of iOS development experts, we never proceed to design until all specification of the future product and every aspect of our work is approved by the client and confirmed on paper.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Common Problems In App Development

Of course, sometimes situations may arise where our developers have to act fast, but in such a case we always contact our clients to ensure that they are aware of any alterations. App development is a complicated process during which things like deadlines or product specifications can change unexpectedly, but we guarantee you that there will not be any issues or misunderstanding between you and our developers because we listen to our clients and discuss any problems until we reach a mutual agreement.


What Tools Do you Need to Create an iOS App?

When developing software, we use a great variety of programming tools. Advanced technologies enable us never to miss a deadline because we know how the right timing is crucial for the fast-changing business environment. Our experts do their job fast and impeccable, delivering quality results and quickly reacting to any changes in product requirements.

One of the greatest challenges for any app development company is that it has to compete on a level playing field with huge, internationally-famous IT corporations. Recent reports show that only 1% of all publishers receive 94% of App Store revenue - these are the big players on the mobile app market, who have enormous advertising budgets and influence. Thereby, to stand out among these development giants, you need the help of a skilled development team to guide you to success.

IOS Programming Languages

Another essential thing that any iOS programmer must have is a developer’s license, which gives you an opportunity to make iOS apps. But first of all, it gives you access to development tools and guidelines, which are essential for everyone who wants to understand how the iOS development process unfolds. As you already know, Objective-C is the primary language for programming iPhone and iPad apps, however, a couple of years ago Apple introduced Swift programming language, that is simpler and more precise compared to its predecessor. As its name suggest, Swift is fast and more intuitive, which Apple released as a logical substituent for the more complex and rigid Objective-C. Needless to say, we prefer Swift for programming our software, because it makes the process easier and faster.



Creating an App with a Professional Team

Taking the above-mentioned into account, it is evident, that when choosing a software developer you should pay attention to their reputation, background and client communication strategies. We guarantee you that our team has all the qualities necessary to deliver the most efficient solutions made specifically for your business without missing deadlines and avoiding common issues. We establish a friendly partner relations with our clients because we express a genuine interest in your business and cooperation. Once you have selected us among many UK app development firms, you are bound to success because we never stop at average - we strive for the best.

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App Building Platforms

There is a significant amount of development tools that facilitate the process of development for iOS. Our trained app developers know every modern tool and platform that appeared since the days when Xcode was the only environment for iOS development. Today, with a big influx of innovative programming tools, the functionality of mobile applications has significantly expanded. Moreover, such platforms enable developers to use any programming language they wish not limiting them to Objective-C and Swift, and as a result, speeding up the process. Besides, it is possible to build one app that can be run on different mobile OS like Android and Windows, which saves additional time and resources.

Third-Party Development Tools

  • Unity
  • Marmalade
  • Corona SDK
  • Adobe Air
  • PhoneGap

Of course, the list of such tools is not limited to these titles, for example, an authoring tool GameSalad, which is aimed at non-programmers and enables you to create feature-rich apps without coding.

We always inform our clients about the platform we are going to use to build their application to make them sure that their project is in good hands. We always welcome feedback and suggestions from our clients, because we believe that development is a mutually beneficial process where the both parties help each other to improve. We, in our turn, help you develop your ideas and polish them to the extent that they transform into a perfect solution that adds value to your business.

Our specialists create a framework of the application with a set of interactive screens for you to see how your idea can be realised into the bespoke application. If the client is satisfied with the looks of the app, we are granted approval and move to the next stage of development. As soon as we receive the confirmation, our engineers start to write code, while designers go on creating the app’s aesthetics. At the same time, quality assurance specialists control that there are no problems during the process and if any, ensure that they are straightened out as soon as possible in order not to compromise the quality of the end product.

We are interested in successful results of our project no less than our clients because our reputation is at stake. Our talented and devoted developers enjoy building applications for iOS devices; that is why they put their heart in soul in every app they make. Development for iPad and iPhone requires an entirely different set of skills than web or desktop app creation, and over years our trained experts have honed these techniques to perfection.

Skills You Need To Be An IOS Developer

Only creative designers, who boast many years of experience, know how to use a limited space of the small smartphone displays to the utmost, in other words, they perfectly understand how to arrange content in the most convenient and user-friendly way. Proficiency in UX and UI design is a must for any modern IT specialist.

In the digital world, it is the user who decides whether an app is to succeed or to fail.We always put ourselves in the user’s shoes, which enables us to take an unbiased look at our products. Another difficulty of the iPhone and iPad development is the fact that there is no mouth or a keyboard involved, an app is only operated by a touchscreen. If you are not sure that you have enough programming skills and experience to develop a quality application all by yourself, feel free to contact us, and we will see how our talented iOS developers can help to bring your ideas to life.

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