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We find the most efficient solutions to meet your business goals and provide for continuous growth in the long run. We treat every project with care and dedication. Over years our app development company have delivered excellent solutions and polished skills in every area of app creation, app design, internet marketing and implementation.

We have built high quality apps for individual and corporate clients, as well as for a number of governmental organizations. Our expert have achieved perfection not only in technical areas like programming and design but also in client communication and consulting. We apply all the latest digital innovations along with time proven strategies to deliver user-friendly products with a great functionality and design.
Choosing A Development Teame
Needless to say, our clients want to get flawless innovative developed apps made exclusively for their businesses, supplied with many useful features and great designs. Companies who invest money in online solutions expect that the applications will add value to their business and pay for themselves in the long run. Some of them hire freelance developers or outsource companies, others build their own development teams.
Approaches to App Development
Choosing a development team to make your app is not an easy task. Many of IT companies hire third-party developers to do the job or work on a number of independent projects at a time. These methods can hardly be called effective. In most cases, the end product is a mediocre application with only a basic functionality and an unremarkable design that cannot stand out among thousands of mediocre apps of the same kind.
An App Creation Strategy to Bring Value
Our development team, on the other hand, has created a solid strategy that brings value to our clients and enables us to build outstanding applications within the shortest possible time. Throughout the development process the customer is always informed about all the steps and changes we make and has a clear view of what our team is doing and why they are doing it. We establish a long-term partnership relations with each of our clients.
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Take an Active Part in The Development Process

Our experts let our clients in on all the latest trends of the mobile app industry and provide them with a valuable advise on how to add value to their business. Therefore, our clients take an active part in decision-making and have all the necessary information to follow the development process and judge on what features should an app have to meet their business goals and achieve the best results.

Continuous Mobile App Support

A time-tested approach enables us to operate in the most efficient manner and build flawless interactive prototypes to move to the testing without any delays. However, our job does not end once the app is programmed and launched - we support the application during its whole lifecycle introducing updates, fixing bugs and consulting the client on the ways to increase its efficiency and boost growth.

Creating an App with a Professional Team

Taking the above-mentioned into account, it is evident, that when choosing a software developer you should pay attention to their reputation, background and client communication strategies. We guarantee you that our team has all the qualities necessary to deliver the most efficient solutions made specifically for your business without missing deadlines and avoiding common issues. We establish a friendly partner relations with our clients because we express a genuine interest in your business and cooperation. Once you have selected us among many UK app development firms, you are bound to success because we never stop at average - we strive for the best.



App Development Strategies to Increase Efficiency

We offer you an exhaustive description of our services so that you have a perfect understanding of our standard development process.

Generally, we operate in iterations, setting specific goals and requirement for each iteration, which provides us with a great flexibility and speed - thus we can deliver a working product in the shortest time and introduce changes whenever the need appeared, even during the final stages of development. Every project begins with planning and creating a wireframe of the future application.

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Planning An App

We proceed to development right after you have shared your basic ideas with us. Our experts discuss with you all your wishes concerning the app and all the specific details about your business to get a better understanding of your goals and demands. As opposed to many app developers, our team never starts with a self-presentation, boasting about their achievements and showcasing the portfolios to impress the client.

Development Team Composition

On the initial stage we are focused on your needs and demands: we present a complete plan of our future work and listen to your ideas and suggestions. Then we make an outline of the activities we will do during the discovery phase. The experts who work on these stages are Lead Developer, Lead Designer, Project Manager, Finance Manager and the representatives of your company. Our professionals develop various strategies to optimize the project, find ways to increase efficiency and appoint the programmers who have the best skills to do the job as well as the analytical team to carry out the market research.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

App Evaluation

The next stage essential for any development project is evaluating the app development cost, resources and timeframes necessary to deliver the best solution with minimal expenses. Without this step, it will be impossible to define the project’s budget, financial plan and other requirements. After that, we analyse everything that has been done so far and cross-check the results of the two initial stages to prepare all the documents like Project Plan, Research Plan, Testing Plan, Functional Specifications and more for you to sign. As a result, we are confident that you are aware of every administrative issue and agree with the terms of the development.You can also count on our experts to make additional checks if you have any doubts that the documents embrace all the financial and business aspects. This supplementary expertise is carried out by the same team as mentioned above: Lead Developer, Lead Designer, Project and Finance Managers and the representatives of your company.

System Design

The lead player at this stage is the Project manager, who thoroughly analyses the initial project plan and defines the requirements that are necessary for the integration of the future app with different mobile operating systems. The developers draw up the further documentation for the project. The main activities at this stage include the creation of interactive prototypes, wireframes and technical specifications.

We make an outline of all the features the app will have, set out the app’s architecture and work on the UX design. After that, we create the user interface, which means that at the end of this phase we a have a complete set of designs for the app. Then all the technical documents, prototypes, mockups and strategies are signed off and ready to be tested. One or time we check the deadline and make sure that the app will be completed on time.

Why Planning the Development Process is All-Important

Following all these stages helps us to keep on track during the development process, plan every single detail of the future app and ensure that all the features are coordinated with our clients. We are proud to say that it is one of the distinctive features of our company that enables us to stand out among other app developers UK. A thorough planning performed for each of our projects guarantees the highest quality of the final product and rules out possible mistakes and misunderstandings.

Final Stages Of App Creation

When the documentation is prepared, it is high time to get to the most labour-consuming stage of app development. This last effort consists of three key steps:

This stage involves coding the body of the application. The developers cooperate with the help of innovative tools to ensure that every element is programmed correctly. Needless to say, each line of code is later verified and tested by experienced specialists. When the app is ready for launch, our experts examine the app for compliance with all the documents and specifications set out by the plan and confirm that it is ready for deployment.

First, our trained quality assurance specialists check that the application meets all the requirements, all test have been done according to plan and all the found bugs have been fixed. We can guarantee that even the smallest errors and glitches do not pass undetected because our expert write full reports after every stage of development. If any issues have been found, we fix the weak parts of the code and send it for additional testing - this step is repeated until all the features work as intended and the product is ready to be released. Of course, all tests are performed by trained developers who know their job in and out.

When we have developed a working minimum valuable product, we discuss the possibility of adding further functionality to our clients. After creation of MVP, we move to user tests, which purpose is to analyse how ordinary users will interact with the app. In case the app requires optimisation, we make all necessary improvements and finally release the product.

However, work does not stop with the launch of the application. Nevertheless, it is common practice among various development companies to withdraw at that stage because they simply do not care about the future of their product. On the other hand, we establish a long-term partnership with our clients, supporting the application after its launch, releasing regular updates, receiving feedback, analysing user satisfaction and suggesting ways to improve productivity. Furthermore, we consult our clients on the best marketing strategies for their app they can carry out to boost business growth. Our extensive post-launch services guarantee that your application will not fall into oblivion and will bring you a steady income in the long run.

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Summing up, our professional developers have skills and experience necessary to deliver top-notch software that will add value to your business.

If you want to get recognised, contact our team and share your ideas - we will hear you out and find the best solution that will perfectly fit into your business goals. We are the kind of developers who care for their clients, always providing them with quality apps and priceless advice.

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