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Magora is a specialised company for mobile application design and development, ready to offer their professional services and assist you in every upcoming project. Have a new idea for an app? You need someone to help you design and develop it? Don’t say another word – We are on it!

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Mobile App Design – How We Do it Here

Mobile application design requires certain skills, experience and knowledge, in order to make it right. You have to follow guidelines and required steps and yet add something creative that you haven’t done before. That is our way of doings things here. We have standards and regulations we follow but in the same time we tend to be creative and innovative. In order to be creative you have to think outside the box, right?

The first thing we like to do with a new client is get to know each other. We can’t understand your thoughts and ideas if we haven’t had the opportunity to get to know you and your business.

We like to have a conversation where you can share your ideas with us and explain to us what you specifically want to be done, or we are going to give you a couple of suggestions that we think are right for your project.

We want to establish goals during this meeting. Goals that are going to guide you towards your success. What exactly we want to accomplish with this mobile app design?

After setting the goals straight, we are ready to research and identify methods that are going to help us reach those goals. The final thing we do is brainstorming. This is actually our favourite part, because we have the opportunity to add something that sometimes is the key to a successfully developed plan.

So, let’s make this consultation first, and then let’s get back to work. We are thrilled to have you as a client and to have the opportunity to offer you our services and professional expertise in designing mobile apps. Select Magora to assist you in this project and we can guarantee you great successful results!



6 Steps to Creative Application Design

We intend to get to know your business better, by diving deep into your business requirements to explore your target audience, their attitude towards your business, your main objectives and the barriers to success. Magora’s design exploration procedure is part innovation, part brainstorm, part strategy and part refinement between your business and our team. As we mentioned earlier, we do this on our first meeting. We consider ourselves as extremely fast thinkers and innovators, ready to discover new ideas and fresh concepts. If you are interested by our way of doing things, we would love to have you as our client.

One thing that we enjoy doing here is designing prototypes. In order for us to make them we need user experience maps. The reason we need them is because they help us create a solid foundation to extend the app’s functionality, having in mind its central features and understand the relationship between elements to build an alluring user experience.

Once we have prepared the basics, it is time to do the real work. We begin to create structures, animations, connect screens, responsive buttons – few elements for mobile app design. We intend to make rapid prototypes early in the process and never stop user testing and repeating. Even when your app is safely in your company’s arms or live in a store, we can optimise the experience.

We have an excellent team work experience here, so we can make different things at the same time. While we are developing your User Interface design, we are also creating your mobile application’s brand and visual design. We analyse your customer’s needs and requirements and involve deep in your target audience. Magora use market research, mind maps, cases, modern trends and cultural trends, we discover what motivates your customers.

That is how we create the magic here at Magora. We are proud to say that we have the best mobile app designers in our team ready to design anything that is tailored to your needs and standards.

We like to please our clients! There is nothing that make us happier than seeing a happy and satisfied client.

Mobile and Web App Creation

Apps is the best thing we do here. That includes Mobile and Web Apps creation too. Magora design and build apps that are unique and apps that can make a positive difference for your business. We are extremely proud of our team that is fanatical about mobile apps design and doing everything that can be done in order to satisfy your business needs.

Whether you have an established corporate business searching for a way to motivate your employees or maybe improve the profile of your brand, or a small business ready to swim in the big corporate waters – contact us and we will offer you our solutions.

We are thrilled and truly happy that we can have this opportunity to work with you to achieve your dreams. Contact us. We are ready to help.

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