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User Interface (UI) Design as Your Key to Success

UI is what allows you to maximise user satisfaction via convenient user experience (UX). As you know, the interface can consist of many different aspects such as different screen sizes or virtual keyboards that appear as needed.

As if reacting to public demand, the two largest platforms - iOS and Android - are releasing updates that radically change the app UI design, ultimately affecting how users handle the app. Our developers closely monitor all these changes and try to create apps that will successfully complement new features. This increases the competitiveness of a particular idea in the ever-expanding landscape of mobile applications.

Determine Your Target Audience and Business Objectives

As a company leader, you’re responsible for answering these key questions before you begin creating the app itself. Be ready to clarify the target persona in detail.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do they like?
  • What applications do they use every day? For what?
  • Think about your goals. How will you monetise the app?
  • Which business model will you choose?

To create a successful application, each member of the development team must be familiar with the target audience’s wishes and behaviour.

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Find a Designer

A good solution is to hire a whole team consisting of designers, developers, testers and a project manager. This way you get not only a design, but a whole working app. Teams are also found on platforms, so try Upwork. By hiring our company rather than a freelancer, you get additional skills: analytics, UI / UX design, mobile and web development, etc. We are a team, which means we have an established business process. This will save you time compared to working with a group of freelancers.

You should also pay attention to customer feedback and ratings. A lack of ratings does not necessarily mean a team is poor, but the risk in this case will of course be higher.

Tell Everything

All your thoughts about the target audience, what sort of image you want to create, your monetisation strategy, what applications you like in terms of design, how you’re going to stand out among competitors and so on. Share your inspiration and listen carefully to the designer’s feedback.

Try to agree on all points in advance. If a specialist refuses to follow the "flat design" principles for an Android app, say goodbye and find another one. Do not forget to provide the designer with all the latest style guides used by your company. Even if they’re for the web, they can be useful in working on the app.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Getting a Prototype

A good designer always starts with a prototype - the working model of a future app - and creates the screens, disposes of extra elements and establishes the connection between those left to work with. With the help of such a prototype, you can "touch" the future project and find and fix errors in UI / UX. Try the prototype on friends or a focus group to see if they use the application as you expected.
Prototyping takes time, but this is a very important stage. With the help of a prototype, you can preview the future project and avoid possible misunderstandings. Based on it, the developers will determine how much it will cost to make an app. Here at Magora, we prefer InVision for demonstrating prototypes. One of the features of this tool is an opportunity to comment on the design just in the interfaces. Thus, changes can be made to the concrete screen if needed.

Creating the Design

When the terms and cost have been stipulated, the designer can begin the creative work. Agree to review the screens as they’re completed and send feedback. If you work with freelancers, pay attention to the form in which you receive the materials. All sources should be arranged in folders in accordance with the project structure, and these folders should have clear names so that the developer does not have to spend time deciphering. Ideally, the designer should leave comments for developers, especially in complex places, and make a file with the cutting behaviour of all elements (interface guidelines, GUI etc.).
For decades, the most popular program for creating graphics was Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite. These days Sketch is very popular, as it was created specifically for interface designers. Here at Magora we use both and choose between them depending on the type of graphics.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?

App UI/UX design sometimes seems to cost a lot, but is an important investment in your future success. The cost of work depends on the country. To get an idea, have a look at the approximate costs for creating the designs of well-known applications:

Pinterest has an excellent Android app, with users appreciating the intuitive UI design - 25 screens, $2500.

In the PayPal app, everything is simple and straightforward, all thanks to an understandable UX / UI design - 17 screens, $1765.

Clear is a popular app for keeping a to-do list and creating reminders. It’s very convenient and beautifully designed, often found on lists of best application UI designs - 5 screens, $600.

How to Understand if You’ve Chosen the Right Designer

Here’s a brief checklist to help you make sure your UI design is in safe hands:

  • The designers ask you about the target audience, strategy and goals;
  • They make a prototype, discuss it with you and make corrections;
  • They take care of the source code and help developers understand how everything should look;
  • They are ready to support the project in the future.

This is exactly what we guarantee here at Magora. We create a design and develop excellent mobile applications that will pay off in the shortest possible time. Have a look at our portfolio and tell us your ideas. We’ll provide you with the best UI design to complement your goals.

Creating Outstanding UI / UX Design

Where’s the benefit for you in developing a mobile app with Magora? To answer this question, you’ll first need to consider the goals you plan to achieve. Whatever they are, we guarantee our UI design will:

  • make your product recognisable and memorable;
  • form a positive image;
  • give you a competitive edge in the business environment.

We can surprise you with top-notch solutions and develop a high-quality, modern, convenient and functional interface for your project. We have the resources, skills and experience to realise projects of any complexity.

If you work in the field of e-commerce, Internet publishing, entertainment, travel or any other industry, a unique app UI design from Magora is a wise choice to help achieve your goals.



UI Design and Your Success

Competent and creative UI design ensures a product built for your business is both distinctive and attractive. According to analytical calculations, the user-friendly interface of iOS and Android software increases the company's annual profit by at least 15%. We don’t just create UI design - we offer solutions that can bring you maximum benefit.

Order UX design right now and you’ll receive: new perspectives for your business, involvement of existing clients and new loyal customers, recognition and promotion in your business sector.

Remember: the attractiveness and relevance of a mobile app depends on the skills and expertise of the specialists behind it. Our team will carry out thorough research to determine the optimal interface solution.

In addition, we’ll work on the "recognisability" of an integral attribute - app icons, which will ensure the brand's popularity, increase the loyalty of the audience and make interaction with the consumer even closer.

Why Customers Choose Us

We can specify at least six reasons why you should order mobile program UI/UX design from Magora:

  • iOS and Android app development in compliance with international standards and developers’ guidelines.
  • Dozens of projects developed across eight years, implemented in the UK and abroad.
  • Wide-ranging experience in app UI design.
  • An integrated approach to creation of personas and UI for each project.
  • Numerous recommendations from customers.
  • European-quality service at affordable prices.

Take a wise step towards increasing profit and accelerating development - share you thoughts and needs and we’ll transform them into pixel-perfect software design. Make an order for UI/UX design today and get a unique offer for your business!

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