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Practices for creating a user-friendly mobile experience are constantly evolving along with the smartphones themselves. Our Magora developers team builds bespoke user-friendly applications which bring value and pay for themselves in the long run. Top UK app design companies realise that it is not sufficient to provide their client with just a service or a product, the clients need the best solutions and marketing support that will fit their budget and demands. Our app design and development services range from bespoke mobile app development for iOS, Android and other mobile OS to e-commerce solutions, internet marketing and mobile web development.


Every client and each product need an individual approach, but the development process is  the same. To start with, we create a plan and discuss what features and functionality will the application have. On that stage, we also make an outline of the user experience and app usability. When we have finished with planning the core elements, we move to UI design, which carries the message of the brand and reflect its image. The next stage is application development. The Agile methodology enables us to work fast and efficiently, ensuring that every single element is well-planned, programmed and implemented.

What Is Agile?

The Agile approach is a software development method in which the development process is carried out by cross-functional and self-organized teams that cooperate to create new solutions and improve the existing ones. The most common practices of the Agile are evolutionary development, early start, adaptive planning, constant improvement, flexibility and rapid adjustment to change. The Agile approach is based on the principles set out in the Agile Manifesto, which was created in 2001.

The Agile Manifesto

Citation: "We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more."

Agile Software Development Principles

These twelve principles make the bedrock of the Agile Manifesto:

  • Rapid delivery of efficient software
  • Instant response to changing circumstances, even in the final stages
  • Fully functional software is delivered in weeks
  • Frequent communication between the client and the app developers
  • Software is built for motivated people who deserve trust
  • Real-life communication is preferred
  • Working software is the core factor of progress
  • Sustainable development
  • Focus on technical excellence and good design
  • Simplicity
  • The teams are self-organized
  • Continuous adaptation to changing demands

How We Work

In our app design agency we use the Agile method while developing apps. Along with a vast experience in enterprise software development, it enable us to deliver quality programs that meet the customers’ demands. We always take into account the client’s time constraints, financial capability and needs to make sure that the product enters the market as fast as possible. A well-established process of mobile development enables us to deliver efficient products that perfectly fit into your business. We guarantee that you will not have any difficulties following our activities and will always be aware of what we are doing and why.


Our experienced team of open-minded thinkers, ambitious creators and digital craftsmen make all-out effort to bring your initial ideas to life and create a comprehensive strategy on their basis. After the first stage, when we meet each other and get to know your goals and demands, we create design strategies, ensuring that they will not lose their efficiency in the long run. Our app designers, who have developed for many different businesses over time,  have a good knowledge of graphic design and UX (user experience) tests. We do not only build your application, but we also give you a valuable advice and find the best solutions how to grow your business on the internet. We develop the app in several iterations and always keep you informed about the process, creating user stories and building prototypes that you can interact with to fully understand the concepts.

Building And MVP

We are always happy when a client is willing to communicate - this way we can fully emerge into your company goals and build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We investigate your business’s strong and weak sides to balance and optimise them. We pay attention to the smallest nuances which define the fundamental aspects of the product: its framework, audience and use scenarios. It helps the designers to find a niche to develop an outline of your future application. But if you want your mobile app to bring maximum value, that is not enough. You should also define a monetization strategy and carry out a market research to acquire new users and ensure growth. c


  • Create a monetization strategy to bring income and ensure growth in the long run;
  • Use in-app purchase models based on the audience and business plan;
  • Find ways to boost revenue and optimise current services;
  • Think of how to attract more users, for example, through discounts and special offers;
  • Develop loyalty programs;
  • Build an AppStore pricing strategy.


  • Create an analytical strategy to find the most relevant solutions for the business;
  • Use Google Analytics and other tools;
  • Set your key performance indicator (KPI) and other business metrics to track them and evaluate factors for your business success to introduce changes you need to achieve it.


UX, or user experience, makes a pocket app easy to use, but moreover, it offers an experience that users adore. Only an app developed by someone who understands user behaviour, have many creative ideas, delivers a technically perfect product and learns new methods and practices will be able to produce this kind of effect. Here are some of our best practices for excellent UX design.

Create, Analyse, Improve

Our “create, analyse, improve” approach enables us to develop efficient, technically advanced and one-of-a-kind mobile applications. We study user behaviour and investigate real experiences to create personas, user cases and interactive prototypes, which we then thoroughly test. In a constantly changing digital industry, our designers and app developers UK do everything that is possible to find new, more efficient solutions - we generate groundbreaking ideas and constantly explore new horizons.

User Research And Team Cooperation

The design is a formula you have to determine. We analyse your business user base to learn what your audience expects from your business. After that, we create user stories and flow charts to lay the foundation for a great user experience. Our UX team closely cooperates with designers and programmers to get a full understanding of the app’s architecture and check that the app’s user experience is reflected in interactive prototypes and tested by users and experts.

If your company provides any offline services or offerings, our app developers will find solutions to establish a connection between your offline and online activities.


In a digitally advanced world of today, it is crucial to have a web presence to attract new users and potential clients. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are ignorant of an average internet user’s needs. Recent reports demonstrate that almost three-quarters of businesses have a website, and the remaining quarter plans to build a website shortly. However, only half of all these business websites are adjusted for mobile use or have a responsive design.

If you do not have a mobile application but want to take your stand in the digital market, a mobile-friendly, responsive website is a must.

How Can A Responsive Web Design Benefit Your Business?

Consumers use their smartphones to look for nearby shops, restaurants, entertainment and places to relax - why do not you make your customers’ lives easier? Some businesses prefer developing a mobile app while others go for mobile-friendly web solutions. Both of them have their reasons. Speaking of a responsive website, one of its most evident advantages is its cost: a site does not require too much testing and updates as opposed to a native app. To add more, users will not have to browse the App Store or Play Market to download your app and clear space on their pocket devices to install it. Nevertheless, they will still be able to add your web page to their menu to have easy access. Modern mobile devices give you many advantages to draw user attention to your products.Of course, mobile site functionality is limited if compared to an app. For instance, it will not provide you with a valuable user data because people who enter a URL normally do not have to log in, while apps require users to log in, making it possible to collect relevant information about your customers. However, there are ways to compel the users to provide personal information on your website as well - you can offer promotions and discounts to registered users or price them with access to exclusive content.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Amazing design creates incredible experiences - that is our motto. We can boast an extensive portfolio which has been created thanks to our imagination and outstanding projects. We have developed applications for international enterprises recognised all around the world.

To create a good design is essential to understand both short-term and long-term business goals - every decision should be well-grounded; we never do anything just for the sake of good looks - we believe that all the details should have their logic. To provide the best experience for your users, we involve them in testing and discuss all the changes to learn their reaction. We develop in iterations, aiming at perfection, and will not be satisfied until every pixel is in its place -  and neither should you.


There are brands that have a memorable imagery. But do you know how the audience perceives your business? Many companies do not pay attention to branding while their competitors steal a march. If your branding is not well-know enough or your firm is a startup, we will create a recognisable face for your business that customers will memorise. If your business already has a well-established persona, we can help you improve it.

Unique Graphic Imagery

Forget about widely-used boring pictures; your content will produce much more effect on the user if it is complemented by powerful animations and meaningful illustrations, which we can create exclusively for your brand. Even a single picture can draw user attention. However, images tend to lose their impact with time. It's a good practice to order a collection of infographics keeping to your brand’s style to regularly introduce changes to the layout of your website or application. And you will be able to use this imagery in your advertising campaigns, social media accounts and other promotional activities. Rely on us to flesh out your business image with attractiveness and charm.


Market research of the needs of your current and potential clients along with the activities of your competitors are key points to make you stand out from the crowd. Our bespoke software and app making company provides marketing support for our projects and helps you create a monetization strategy for your project. Our target is to design relevant digital solutions based on the client’s business plan and financial capacity, as well as to establish a long-term partnership.


Every business needs a powerful online presence to attract customer attention and penetrate the market. Looking for a professional app design company in London or outside the UK  to create an app for your startup or to improve your existing website? We are ready to help you develop a high-quality solution. Mobile app design and development, websites and web apps, bespoke software, graphic design - the range of our services are tremendous. We are here to help you choose the right option for your business and advise you on mobile and internet commerce strategies to help you choose the right path.

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