American start-uppers had an idea of building an apartment hunting platform for Graduate College Students. As young Graduates are often confronted with a problem of living off campus, the mobile and web applications would come in handy for those, who want to start living independently.
Solution and Result
We worked in close collaboration with our American clients to create a web application for desktop computers and its mobile version for iPads. Our solution is based entirely on Google Maps, it uses a side widget to set the search parameters. Users can identify their preferences, e.g. location, housing type, rental price, pets etc., and see the results on the map and navigate easily. Registered users are equipped with some advanced options: they can save their favourite listings, take notes, submit apartment rental applications and get pre-approved. From the technological viewpoint, the app is comprised of a client application written in HTML5 and JS, web-service and MS SQL database. The components are linked via Ajax-requests.
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