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An Australian company partnered with us to create a useful web application for a great range of tablets (iOS, Android and Windows OS). The clients needed an effective calculating tool to help their service engineers determine the amount of heating and conditioning equipment for a particular room. We were provided with the original design files and our task was to develop the required functionality.

Solution and Result

Using PHP to develop the backend we created an application that allows users to create a report on the amount of heating and conditioning equipment for any premises. Service engineers on location just enter room details (size, ceiling and floor type, socket type, wall insulation etc.) and the app generates a PDF report, which can be easily sent to the main office and printed out. HTML5 was used along with the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework for the frontend. This allowed the ability to create screens that fitted perfectly for a wide range of tablet devices. The app has significantly streamlined our clients’ workflow and contributed to a more accurate calculation and faster equipment installation.

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