CT: mobile friendly web app for Behavioural Therapy by Magora
Cognitive trainer software

Cognitive trainer

Personal-use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tool for managing depression, stress and anxiety


Depression and anxiety are well-known social scourges. Nowadays modern psychological therapy can give the power to overcome these conditions. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a scientifically proven system of psychotherapy that helps people identify and then challenge the distorted thinking that feeds depression. So, our American client wanted to create an effective depression-fighting web-tool based on CBT. The website to be built had to be responsive, as it was intended for both desktop and mobile use.

Magora: Brief
Solution and Result

To work out a functional application our team integrated the best CBT strategies with recent web technologies  jQuery, CSS3, HTML5. We used a Gumby Framework to make the website design responsive. The web tool we built is an intuitive self-help application that encompasses such features as tracking your thoughts and feelings, a cognitive thought diary to learn to challenge stressful thinking, a screening test to monitor depression severity, and retraining of your brain. The Cognitive Trainer is designed to help users feel better and regain one’s place in the world.

Magora: Solution and Result
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