In order to help people facing mild, acute ailment find a better solution, a licensed pharmacist from California wanted to take his friendly, modern, digital philosophy and engage with his customers through a new mobile presence – Doctor OTC. Always inspired by great ideas of our clients, Magora Systems commenced work in a flash.

Solution and Result

As our client wanted the app to be simple and very informative we focused on a sleek and intelligible user interface that helps customers discover a great deal of the over-the-counter products in the USA. The medicines can be easily selected by your age, particular symptoms, and retailer. The database of symptoms and products is constantly updated with the support of the pharmacist. Moreover, if you have found a product that you want to recommend to others, just tap “share” and your family and friends will be informed at once.

Technology used: Server: php, mysql, Yii Framework; Client: Cocoapods, RestKit + CoreData, DODataProvider, DODataManager, GoogleSearchProvider, TestFlightSDK, FXBlurView, ShareKit, RestKit, MagicalRecord, SDWebImage, RMStore, PDKeychainBindingsController, SVProgressHUD, SwipeView, DGTextField , DjuPickerView.

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